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About 5-7 years ago, I was listening to a teaching that I had actually heard many times: "The opposite of faith is fear." I’d heard so many preachers say this I just assumed it was right. But this time I received a divine check in my spirit: "Is this really true?" I prayed about it for a couple years, but no answer. I got busy in other gospel truths, and forgot about it. But recently in a men’s study, it was stated: "The opposite of faith is fear." More emphatically I heard God say in my spirit: "That is not true, and this lie is one thing keeping my people from seeing gospel truth." Over the past few weeks I think I’ve received at least partial revelation (I’m quick to doubt I ever get the whole enchilada at one time!) If the opposite of faith is fear, then we are battling ourselves, and a house divided cannot stand. It’s OUR faith vs. OUR fear. Our faith is battling against our fear, and our fear battles our faith, in a constant tension. See this: we’re in a ‘no win’ situation. We will always be trapped between a percentage of faith vs. a percentage of fear. Hopefully, faith increases as we mature, and fear decreases. But it’s still a conflict that can’t be totally resolved in this life outside of gospel truth. My dialogue with the Holy Spirit now became more pointed. I didn’t seek general revelation, but specifically asked, "If it’s not fear, what IS the opposite of faith?" The answer in my spirit came quickly: "The opposite of both faith and grace is the law." It was one of those ‘dah’ answers like ‘the sky is blue.’ I’d known this a long time but had never truly seen it in the full light of gospel scripture before. "The law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ" (Jn 1:17). Let’s combine grace and faith because we know that divine things happen BY grace through faith (Eph 2:8). +Things do not happen by law but by faith (Rom 4:13). +Living by law voids our faith (Rom 4:14). +Law produces self-righteousness, which is sin; faith produces the righteousness of God (Phil 3:9). +Law strengthens sin, not faith (I Cor 15:56). +Law is contrasted with faith (Gal 3:2, 5). +If we are in faith we are blessed, if we are under law we are cursed (Gal 3:9-10). +We can’t be justified by law, but by faith (Gal 3:11). +The law is not of faith (Gal 3:12). +Faith produces righteousness; law produces unrighteousness (Rom 3:10, 23, 10:30-31). +If we attain things by law, and not by faith, we stumble over a stumbling stone: Jesus himself (Rom 3:32-33). +Law is again contrasted with faith (Gal 2:16). +The law produces sin, which is not faith (I John 3:4). +Before faith came, we were under law (Gal 3:23). +The law brings us to Christ and to faith (Gal 3:24). Here is the revelation. It is the law vs. faith (and grace), not faith vs. fear. It is true that the law produces fear. Hear this! If law produces God’s anger, and a curse on us, it produces fear (Rom 4:15, Gal 3:10). You cannot live in fear and in faith at the same time, nor can you live in law and faith at the same time. We must use faith to evict law from our lives. This is especially true of us Gentiles who were NOT given the law (Rom 2:14). The law is an outside element that our faith must stand against if we are going to be dead to law and live unto God (Gal 2:19). Next time we will see the power of God in us, and what it is from God that both (1) produces faith in us, and (2) evicts and eliminates fear in us. About the Author: ROGER HIMES, THE GOSPEL COACH, helps lead you into living life at least 50% better in less than a year than you are today – all due to the power of God in the finished work of Jesus. This impacts every area of your life. The gospel empowers us to live life better by accident than we ever could on purpose. http://www.TheGospelCoach.com. Subscribe to GOSPEL TIPS. For short musings, thoughts, and points to ponder on the gospel go to: http://thegospelcoach.com/gospel-musings-by-the-gospel-coach Article Published On: http://www.articlesnatch.com – UnCategorized 相关的主题文章: