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A little boy grow, popular in the world for 20 years – I am overseas education group Sohu maternal hair mother Carol for more than and 10 years English picture book promotion, the practitioner here and 100 thousand mother exchange experience enlightenment Linjiananhai small hairy parent-child reading, who would not love? The long haired man in the country in small, mom and Dad, sister and brother, there are many pets. For example, from time to time in the book by the kitten, puppy, frogs, mice, snakes and so on. Love is small because of the small man, man is the child’s version. Sometimes he makes you feel warm, sometimes naughty to make you want to cry. Read the small man and children together, will be more understanding of the idea of children. The little man recorded a series of bear children into little warm male growth. Maybe the story of your family. The little man series too much, beyond count. Not only out of a lot of standalone versions, there are also versions of the I Can Read. No matter what version, simple and interesting, this book is a warm tone. The following is what I like is more popular with the 2 sets to introduce it! 1 All by Myself series of small hairy growth I can do for myself, but I always get into trouble. Children feel that they don’t need help from their parents, and it’s a great thing to be able to dress and brush their teeth. Mom and Dad, I can get up on their own, you can buckle their own hair! I can have my own breakfast. While eating the whole body is. (exhibit carefully. There is a little mouse, each map mouse face super funny! ) I want to do things for yourself, no matter whether I make adults satisfied, don’t expose me oh! The All by Myself the children behaved very delicate psychological overexert. Read this, you have the heart to blame you in a child? Just a Mess family has a child who does not love to clean up. What shall I do? One day, the young man wanted to play baseball and couldn’t find my baseball gloves. He asked his mom, mom said, you should go to the state of your room. A small man, oh! The room is too messy. Where can I find it? The little man everywhere for help, but we all have their own things. The little man can only own up the room. He began to tidy up, put some things in the closet, put some things in the drawer…… When it’s done, everything looks perfect. Baseball gloves were found under the bed! Children do not clean up the room, the next can not find their own things oh! The little hairy growth series also included many well-known small man was so series: I mad, Just Go, to Bed, What a Bad dream. 2 little man with family and friends. I love this warm series. We’re with the kids!相关的主题文章: