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Computing technology sector a major breakthrough: the birth of the 1nm transistor – Sohu digital, according to foreign media reports, has long been silent in the computing industry ushered in a big news. Laurence Berkeley National Laboratory, a team broke the physical limit, the existing most sophisticated transistor process reduced from 14nm to 1nm, completed a breakthrough in the field of computing technology! The size of transistors has always been a hard indicator of technical progress. The smaller the transistor, the same size of the chip can be integrated more, so that the processor performance and power consumption can be a great progress. The research achievements of research achievements have been followed by Moore’s law for many years. That is, when the price does not change, the number of components can be accommodated on the integrated circuit will be doubled every 18-24 months, the performance will be doubled. But looking to the future, Moore’s law began to fail, because from the point of view of the manufacture of chips, 7Nm is the physical limit. Once the transistor size is below this figure, they will be very concentrated in the physical form, so as to produce a quantum tunneling effect, chip manufacturing challenges. Prior to this, Intel and other chip giants said they would look for new materials to replace silicon to produce 7Nm transistors, and now Laurence’s National Laboratory in the front of the Berkeley. The 1nm transistor by a carbon nano tube made of molybdenum and molybdenum disulfide, will take up the original semiconductor duty, and the carbon nano tube is responsible for controlling the flow of electronic logic gates. The current research is still in the primary stage, after all, in the process of 14nm under a mold more than 1 billion transistors, and will be reduced to 1nm transistor, large-scale production difficulties too great. However, this study is still of great significance, the discovery of new materials in the future will greatly enhance the computing power of the computer.  相关的主题文章: