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A media: Messi never left the magic world still questioned [collection] wave disperse Argentina win 1-0 Uruguay Yaoxing Messi scored the red Messi 1 VS 7 at a media Tencent sports news Messi world wave September 2nd return first goal, Argentina defeated the Uruguay summit of South American standings, a media praise, praise Messi never left him the designer and the soul of the Argentina team. "He never left", "ole" said after the game, "coach in Bauza’s coaching debut in the national team, because the Dibala red card into a passive, but Messi once again about the outcome, to change the game, he is a game designer. This is not too much praise, there is no Messi in Argentina’s two teams, although most of the time to play much less, Argentina is showing a good appearance, not the national team to the always on tenterhooks, now world cup standings position." The newspaper also amazing, Messi’s late winner is magical goal in front of 7 Uruguay players scored. The "horn" also said: "Bauza took over, opened a new era of the Argentina team, but Messi’s talent show or as in the past, Rosario scored a goal in Mendoza (the one and only the grain in Spanish refers to the wonderful world of goals, help Argentina wave) topped the standings, closer to the world cup in russia. The little flea came back, to recover the Copa America final exit declaration, used his magic to help repel the enemy team." The "national news" echoed: "Messi is back, back to the best performance, back to back to back genius, goals, team statement clouds have dispersed, there is no doubt, he won the audience’s cheers with the world wave goal, he with his feet pointed out the direction of Argentina team. But Messi admits that the game against Venezuela next may not be able to play their." In addition, the media also mentioned, Mascherano (data) led Argentina backcourt same defence firm, the less 1 people in the second half pampas Eagle without a shot by tenacious defense against the Uruguay onslaught, the colt brother the ball 97 times, as the first of the two teams, successfully passing 85 times 77 times, "" ole said: "Mascherano played a great game." (Cuchu)相关的主题文章: