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Web-Design A professional web designer cannot afford to remain confined only to his work of creating an appealing and eye-catchy site. There is a lot more that has to be done by him, chiefly to make the site SEO-friendly. SEO is in demand these days and every person wants to get the SEO of his site done to get more visibility, develop more popularity and generate more business through the search engine route. A professional website designer can no longer afford to remain oblivious to these of the people. While making a site which is SEO-friendly, one of the things that the web designer has to take care of is the fast loading speed of the website. This can happen for a number of different reasons. Some of these things which shall be done or not done are the following: 1.Restrict the use of the images: Designers love to use the images to make appealing websites. Images do cast a lot of impact on the people. But, image files are heavy and the excessive use of the same can lead to the creation of the heavy pages which are difficult to load. So, the web designer Sydney shall minimize the use of the images on a web page. If some icons have to be used as images, these can be replaced with the tabular content instead of images, for the sake of improving the loading time of the site. 2.Do not put the bulky images on it: Due to the heavy file sizes of the bulky images, these are a strict no-no for the creation of a SEO friendly page. If however, it is necessary to use these images, then thumbnails of these images can be incorporated on the webpage with the option of bigger size image on clicking the thumbnail being given to the people. 3.Using the CSS: The cascading style sheets are better means of achieving fast loading of the website. A web designer Sydney shall make use of CSS which is more practical since it makes efficient use of the web page space and being basically HTML, it loads fast. 4.Say no to the animations using the Flash: Any professional web designer, who wants to make a SEO-friendly site, would never want to use the flash animations on the site, despite being highly eye-catchy, as these are very heavy files. 5.Animated GIFs: Some of the website designers do not use the Flash animation but they make use of the GIF animation files so that the site can be made more attractive. These too increase the loading time of the site and if these are not necessary, then it is better for the website designer to avoid these as well. If these have to be used, then these shall be used sparingly. 6.Coding language: Lengthy coding or scripts written on the web page also make the pages heavy. Therefore, the use of java script is not deemed desirable for creating the SEO-friendly site. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: