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Add hint this summer will embrace Palermo Titans 1 Honda points to dominate the Serie A – Sohu sports Galliani: we’ll see the arrival of Vasquez, joint chief executive Adriano Milan – Galliani suggested that Frank Vasquez will come to the San Siro this summer. The attacking midfielder has been in talks with Milan for the past few years, and rumours have been made that Milan has signed an informal contract ahead of schedule to ensure that the Palermo star is able to transfer to the Rossoneri this summer. The twenty-six year old frontcourt player scored 21 goals, three assists and six assists in Serie A this season. Italy sky sports reporter Dimazi O asked Galliani about the possibility of the arrival of Vasquez, Galliani said: "we wait and see."……" Palermo President maurino – Zamparini Vasquez agreed to leave this summer, he revealed inter and two other Premier League clubs also intends to introduce the best frontcourt players. Galliani: Honda Keisuke is very diligent, and for the Japanese star Honda Keisuke, Galliani to accept the Italy media "Mediaset" interview, said: "Honda Keisuke?" He was very diligent and often talked to me. At this point, the Japanese did much better than the Italians, and he would tell me that his position on the court was inappropriate, or that he couldn’t get on the field. I told him that he had to adapt to the coach’s mind and that the smartest players could adapt quickly to their roles. But I really appreciate his frankness." (jumpersoul)

加总暗示今夏将揽巴勒莫悍将 本田1点称霸意甲-搜狐体育 加利亚尼:我们拭目以待巴斯克斯的到来吧   米兰的联合首席执行官阿德里亚诺-加利亚尼暗示弗兰克-巴斯克斯这个夏天会来到圣西罗。这名攻击型中场此前一直和米兰有绯闻,有传闻称为了确保这位巴勒莫的明星今夏能够顺利转会红黑军团,米兰已经和他提前签订了一份非正式的合同。这名二十六岁的前场球员这赛季意甲出战21次,打入三球并有六次助攻。   意大利《天空体育》记者迪马济奥提问加利亚尼关于巴斯克斯到来的可能性,加利亚尼表示:“我们拭目以待吧……”而巴勒莫主席毛里尼奥-赞帕里尼同意巴斯克斯今夏离队,他透露国米和另外两家英超俱乐部也有意引进这位状态正佳的前场球员。 加利亚尼:本田圭佑很勤奋   而对于日本球星本田圭佑,加利亚尼接受意大利媒体《Mediaset》采访时说道:“本田圭佑?他非常勤奋,经常和我交流,在这一点上日本人做的比意大利人好得多,他会跟我提出他在场上的位置不合适,或者是上不了场。我告诉他必须适应教练的思路去踢球,最聪明的球员总能快速适应自己的角色。但我非常欣赏他这种坦诚的态度。” (jumpersoul)相关的主题文章: