Adu joined brave new tattoo trouble The legend of the child to scare him (video)-kairui

Adu joined brave new tattoo trouble? The son of Jielun Ross, legendary scare his new tattoo on Durant’s tribute idol Tupac Tencent sports in September 7th – Kevin – Durant joined the warriors after the legendary musician Rick James – head tattooed on their left thigh. This seems to be caused by the old son of James TAZ James dissatisfaction, the latter said with a smile to give Durant a slap in the face. However, TAZ James finally said, he didn’t mind Durant to do so. Durant’s "my brother Brandon (rapper Lil B) cursing Durant, thanked him. Durant, thank you for your love for my father, but we have to talk about it now. ’cause I’m new Rick James now, so you’re gonna need my father to get my permission, big brother." TAZ – James said. Durant and rapper Lil B known as the grudges, because Durant once said Lil B is a weird rapper. In retaliation, Lil B curse Durant will never get the championship. After joining the warriors Durant, Lil B still did not let go of Durant, once again curse the championship can not get to the top of the Durant. Durant will Rick – in the thigh after the, many people speculated that Lil B will curse again, I’m afraid, will be implicated in the Rick – James – Durant. For this reason, gossip reporters will stab the news to Rick – James’s son – James taz. "Durant has not contacted me, if he touches me, there will be five fingerprints on the face (to get a slap in the face)." TAZ – James said. However, TAZ – James in the pass and view, sudden change of attention, said Durant did not respect his own father, before just a joke, frighten Durant. (Tong Xin) copyright statement: This article is an exclusive copy of Tencent sports, unauthorized, shall not be reproduced, or will be held liable.相关的主题文章: