Ali responded to 4 engineers due to brush moon cake was expelled cheating hit the red line verbal jint

Ali responded 4 engineers was expelled for "brush cakes": cheating hit the red line Mid Autumn Festival, various companies have to employees moon cake to send greetings, it is a very happy thing, but the Alibaba has 4 employees but because the moon was discouraging. In this regard, how do you see? Click to participate in the survey. 12 on the afternoon of 2, the Alibaba open staff panic buying moon cake, according to internal staff broke the news, four employees use loopholes in the system, using JS script to brush 124 panic buying moon cake box, although there is no payment, but in the end that evening was discouraging. The parties in the know, just want to grab a box of moon cake sent to relatives, see someone with a program brush, he also wrote a script to release 16 panic buying moon cake, but not only did not jump to the payment page, but robbed a total of 16 boxes, so hurry to call the Administration say to retire, then to be interviewed, cancelling out. "16:30 17:30 interviews, the termination of the contract is ready, 18:00 leave, before leaving also specially asked should not need to transfer the work, we do not take things more important care." So quickly, the parties said be caught off guard. In this regard, the Alibaba group PR committee chairman Wang Shuai micro-blog said, "today this controversial decision, let us remind myself again and every employee, every game has its rules, all there is always inevitable accidental. Because everything has the bottom line. I’m sorry but wish them a better future." Know almost on the attitude of the Internet users, users of the devil, said the use of loopholes in the rules to obtain the value is indeed inappropriate, expelled a little bit heavy." On the other hand, it was also expressed understanding of the behavior of Ali, said the expulsion of the good, accounting for small, estimated character is not how." This afternoon, Ali PR department responded on the matter, said, "made the controversial decision" thing for security department staff "as a platform for regular defenders, the use of cheating tools touched the integrity of" red line "to other employees caused by the unjust distribution of welfare". Ali Co said in response to the Mid Autumn Festival, each employee can be divided into a box of moon cakes. This year’s moon cake because of the lovely shape, welcomed by the staff, many people want to buy a few boxes to friends and family. To this end, the company will be one of the few administrative decisions of the moon cake through the network, the cost of sales for the staff, and the temporary development of an internal booking page. In the domestic moon cake process, "the four second security company found that the use of technical means of cheating, a total of more than 124 boxes of moon cake brush. Through open communication with several small companies, they reluctantly made the decision to leave the company please."相关的主题文章: