Alipay water sharing economy push personalized service matchmaking platform in place – in the new ne oboni

Alipay water sharing economy: push personalized service matchmaking platform "in place" – Beijing, Beijing, September 29, China’s first real name credit based on personalized life service matchmaking platform "in place", officially launched in September 29th 9.93 in the updated version of alipay. Based on the concept of sharing economy and the introduction of "place", everyone can enjoy the service and provide services on the platform, further enrich the ecological Alipay a one-stop service platform life. It is reported that the first batch of users in Shanghai for the first open, and then will gradually expand to other cities. With the development of mobile Internet, the sharing of the economy has become a trend in the future. Such as Uber, airbnb and other products, will make full use of the idle resources of ordinary users, which allows users to obtain certain benefits, but also provides convenience for other consumers. In many platforms have provided a wealth of various types of standardized services, the user’s strong demand for personalized service this part is far from being met. Alipay started explicitly through multiple areas of consumption, life, financial, communication and other scenes of life from last year, to create a one-stop service platform for each center of human life. Double the number from the situation over the past year to pay Po live, has proven its life service platform the direction of initial success. Therefore, Alipay to further enrich its life service platform, launched in place. In place, in addition to photography, fitness, astrology and other services, users can also initiate and respond to any personalized service needs. For example, the advent of the national day, want to eat hot food need someone to go ahead in the mobile phone line, power is not enough to want someone to provide charging treasure "," place "Taiyi responsible person introduction, as long as the user needs is in line with the personalized service of legal norms, can deal. The user clicks on the Alipay home page in the upper right corner of the place, on the map is the first fitness, manual and maintenance of more than ten class services provide some service, continue to click location appear near the service based on the picture, will display the specific content of service, price and credit grading information based sesame. After the confirmation, funds will be frozen in the first Alipay account, to each other after completion of service confirmed that the funds will thaw out. Users enjoy the convenience of sharing economy and personalized service, the most concerned about privacy and security issues. Taiyi "in place", the biggest difference with the existing core platform on the market is the main platform is the real name authentication, after the user authorization will show sesame credit points, compared with the quality of service and security more secure. In accordance with the requirements of the rules, the release of help, booking services, to help others need to pay more than 600 points in the user’s Sesame credit, while the service is required to release sesame credit score of more than 650 points. In addition, only the user initiative to release help seeking or publishing services will be found near the people, otherwise it will not be displayed on the platform. Personal location display is also based on system positioning and manual selection of individuals, will not be updated at any time to expose the specific location of the user. The two sides need to communicate before reaching a deal,.相关的主题文章: