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American artist Van Gogh paintings: a source of Fried Eggs from the American Kansas artist Stan Herd recently completed his worth in the museum collection. Only one point, his works can’t move, because in fact it is a long in the field of plant composition. An area of 7.3 acres of "art" is located in a field near the city of Minneapolis, a copy of Van Gogh’s 1889 book, the olive tree. Herd by the Minneapolis Museum commissioned to create such a famous replica of Van Gogh’s original "olive tree" painting exhibition here recently. Herd spent 6 months of digging, crops and a large lawn, and finally completed this ground work in September 11th. It’s better to look down from the top, if you can just fly over Minneapolis St Paul international airport. Minneapolis Museum Council and the metropolitan airports commission member Rick King said: "from the ground, you don’t see what these pits long, but when you rise up into the sky you can see these patterns. If you land from the southeast or fly northwest, the picture will be on your left hand side as you approach the airport." Herd said he used the cabbage, pumpkin, cucumber, oat and wheat green, yellow, orange and gold to add color to the picture. He is very satisfied with his efforts, he felt that the final product and not much difference between his imagination. Herd said: "this is the use of natural plants and materials made of Van Gogh paintings. It’s a rare opportunity to be busy with one of my favorite artists in the world."   Herd’s work is called "the art of crops", but in fact, his works are not from the seed. It is more like a kind of "harvest art," because he cut the grass and other plants on the grass into the touch of Van Gogh’s paintings. He used the rotary cultivator in the grass around the broken soil pile a frame, then cut into different plant height. In some places, he will dig deep furrows, in order to create a shadow and highlight some features in the image. It can be said that these paintings become three-dimensional. Herd explained: "the most important thing is to have a piece of the original canvas and some things that I can cut. If we had more time, I could grow soybeans, sorghum and wheat here, but now I can only use different kinds of melons, such as pumpkin, squash and melon. Time is limited, we can only some kinds of things in the pot moved. I want to grow wheat, because Van Gogh has painted a field of wheat, but the oats are growing better here, so I changed the wheat into oats." Herd grew up on the farm when he was a child, so he knows a lot about all kinds of crops. He had never planted anything himself; he wanted to be an artist when he was very young. He said: "working 70 hours a week is not the life I want. I want to go to art school, drink and become an artist." He is now a popular landscape artist"相关的主题文章: