Anhui assumed responsibility for poor ” four &quot wind; problems will be accountable – Politic

Anhui: accountability ineffective " four " wind; problems will be accountable – Politics – in Beijing in October 7, according to the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision department website news, recently, Anhui Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Committee (enlarged) held a meeting, learning to convey the central spirit of the document, to further strengthen the style of construction to make arrangements for the deployment. Anhui Provincial Committee, the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Wang Binyi presided over the meeting and delivered a speech. The meeting pointed out that since the eighteen Central Committee to implement the eight provisions of the spirit as a breakthrough in the style of construction, brake wind Su Ji, the root of the problem, and achieved remarkable results. But the style of the problem with refractory and recurrent form fine style once impossible to overcome bad style can not be done overnight. Departments at all levels should thoroughly study and understand the central spirit of the document, thinking and action with the central and provincial requirements, strengthen the grasp style construction of the sense of responsibility and mission, to ensure that the provisions of the spirit of the central eight air plant. Highlight the problem, for the four winds, the specific performance, in-depth study, precise strategy, efforts to achieve a fundamental improvement in the style of the problem. To grasp the use of good supervision and discipline of "four forms", through thorough investigation, special inspection, random checks and other means, strengthen supervision and inspection, supervision and discipline always maintain a high pressure situation. Discipline inspection at all levels should be impartial discipline, not to yield a step, the problem of discipline violations found severely dealt with typical problems in a timely manner giving names public notification exposure. To compaction two responsibilities, urging all localities and departments to establish and improve the "two responsibilities" list, the implementation of inventory management, tighten the chain of responsibility, layers of conductive pressure. To use the accountability tool to fulfill the two responsibilities ineffective, resulting in "four wind" problems, and resolutely implement a case of double check, both to pursue the main responsibility and oversight responsibilities, but also to pursue the relevant leadership responsibility, but also held the party organization’s responsibility for default will ask, accountability will Yan has become the norm. To truss system cage, consolidate and deepen the results of implementation of the supervision and discipline style construction, often grasping, grasping thin, long, and constantly improve the style construction of the institutionalization and standardization level. (commissioning editor Zhao Yanhong and Xiao Hong)相关的主题文章: