Apple CEO equity incentive award five years to contribute cash of $35 million 800 thousand shuyue

Apple CEO equity incentive award five years to contribute cash of $CEO apple Tim · Cook (Tim) this week, the company’s equity incentive to obtain in recognition of its contribution in the past five years to do in the past 35 million 800 thousand years to make the contribution of. According to its legal adviser Waddington (Sam Whittington), said the 1 million 260 thousand shares of restricted shares will be converted to ordinary shares, valued at about $135 million, and sold 990 thousand and 117 of its shares in the market. Apple CEO Tim Cook · Apple submitted to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of a document showing that Cook sold 334 thousand shares of apple stock at $107.21 per share to $107.69, a total of $35 million 800 thousand in cash. In addition, also sold about 656 thousand shares on behalf of Cook, to solve the problem of restricted stock tax. August 25, 2011, Steve · (Steve Jobs) resigned from the post of CEO, replaced by Cook. In the same year Apple gave Cook equity incentive, the incentive plan provides that if the served five years of CEO, will have the right to exercise after the expiration of the five year of stock options in the stock of 980 thousand. If in five years, apple shareholder returns to the S & P 500 index before 1/3, Cook will receive an additional 280 thousand shares of restricted shares. Taking into account the excellent performance of Apple’s stock price in nearly five years, Cook will be the full stock of all the shares of Apple’s stock of $1 million 260 thousand. Count the unsold 269 thousand and 883 shares of the new conversion of ordinary shares, Cook currently holds a total of more than 1 million 300 thousand shares of Apple ordinary shares and restricted shares of the 3 million 500 thousand shares.相关的主题文章: