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Apple leaked ahead of the new MacBook Pro OLED and Touch ID touch bar appearance – Sohu [Technews] technology science news the day before Apple Push macOS Sierra 10.12.1 update, somehow in the Finder repository file a few new Mac pictures folder, and the new MacBook Pro suspected of leaking appearance. At present, the market is expected to release the fourth generation of MacBook Pro in Beijing, the most common prediction of, Apple will remove the function keys on the keyboard, changed to OLED touch bar and add Touch ID. While Apple’s own put out in the Mac software update in the picture is completely confirmed these things: this may be called "Magic Toolbar" OLED touch will be different according to the dynamic App, Icon with different tips. The example given by apple, it is in the context of the Safari brush Apple Pay. The upper right corner of the Touch ID is actually a separate block, but also made black to hide. (Source: Apple) pictures also revealed other design details, such as Touch ID will be made into a similar grid area, where the current boot. The fuselage of the footprint seems to be 13 inches MacBook Pro, but the two sides are more than a pair of sound. As for the flat shape of the keyboard, it seems that the MacBook should also prove that the Pro will use 12 inches MacBook butterfly keyboard. The upper left corner of the keyboard, the "ESC" key has also been removed, the OLED put on the Icon called "Cancel". The lower right corner of the key is also a slight change. The new OLED touch. Keyboard design also seems to become more flat, similar to the MacBook butterfly keyboard. (Source: Apple) it is worth noting that the new "Magic Toolbar" and Touch ID in addition to the original apple App how to use, how to cooperate with third party developers, or to interact with the iOS ecosystem, it is worth observing. There is news that the "Magic Toolbar" will be based on independent ARM system. In addition to 13, 15 inches of the new MacBook Pro, apple is expected to launch a new 13 inch Mac, may be a revision of MacBook Air, or another model of the 12 inch MacBook. Note: the path of these pictures is "XXX MacBook" (Macintosh) (the name of the boot disk), the system, the resource library and the PrivateFramewo相关的主题文章: