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Business Our written cultural heritage including important letters, historical documents and textual manuscripts gives us an opportunity to source invaluable information about the ancient time. There are many institutes around the world that are involved in preserving such rare items. Exploring the world in order to find the precious texts, Aristophil is one of the leading .panies in the area of letters and manuscripts. The .pany was founded in the year 1990 in Paris with the aim of collecting and conserving the vintage written texts. With its more than 20 years of experience, the organisation has created a very large collection of antique original autographs, historical documents and rare books, under the supervision of its chairman Grard Lhritier. Sharing its invaluable collection with the world Aristophil strives to promote its treasured collection and offers a unique chance to own a real piece of history to collectors, investors and people who have an interest in historic items. The organisation acquires only authentic documents which are carefully examined and assessed by the experts and specialists in the area. The .pany owns the rare original letters or manuscripts from some of the world-renowned personalities in the history such as Albert Einstein, Victor Hugo, Marcel Proust, Paul Eluard, Napoleon Bonaparte, Romain Gary, and many more. They allow the people to get these high-value items either individually or in partnership with other investors. The Museum of Letters and Manuscripts established by Aristophil in Paris displays a large number of valuables. Some of the most important documents available in this museum include the manuscripts of the Surrealist Manifesto; the calculation notes for Albert Einsteins Theory of General Relativity; the cease-fire signed on May 8, 1945 by General Eisenhower; the manuscript of Verlaines Cellulairement, a French National Treasure; the Charter of Corbie Abbey, signed by the son and grandson of Charlemagne; the manuscript of letters by Emile Zola (Correspondances), a French National Treasure; and many others. These rare items are not only safely preserved in the museum, but also promoted amongst the masses. In addition to displaying them in its Paris museum, the .pany also exhibits its collection through the global art exhibitions and shows, as well as, other renowned museums across the globe. Thus, the organization enables the researchers and history students to explore and study the ancient texts, and the .mon people to see and understand the value of our written cultural heritage. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: