ASOs’s Kenya series inspired by African children’s brushes (video) stand by me shinee

Kenya ASOS series inspiration from African children brush photograph: therecessionista although now to Africa as a source of inspiration and brand series of innumerable, but Asos recently launched a new "Made in Kenya" (made in Kenya) series or give people the feeling is not the same. Its design is simple, no accidents are not sophisticated, with the same simple cut, but to feel relaxed. In fact, this "Made in Kenya" series of inspiration is really not the general, those who appear in the clothes on the pictures are from the hands of African small pots. In addition to get together the sun flower, your favorite animal is vividly clothing, careful people will find these animal very details, such as giraffe under the belly lactation organs, brick box, wild ass on their tails, the best interpretation of the purity of the world in the eyes of a child. With these patterns, tailoring and fabric selection do not need to be too complex. Clothing mainly for skirts, T-Shirts, shirts, pullovers and other leisure styles. Its price is also very close to the people, with an average of about $80, or about 500 yuan. Currently available on the ASOS website. In fact, when it comes to children, you may have guessed that this series and good intentions. "Made in Kenya" is indeed co sponsored by Asos and SOKO, a local charity in Africa, Kenya. SOKO Kenya is also a clothing workshop, and this time the pattern is actually a collection of topics. In order to launch this series, a local primary school children were organized to paint the world out of the window. "Made in Kenya" series from design to production all completed in Africa, has become a veritable African manufacturing. Before January, Asos and SOKO Kenya project has launched the first round of works, the main theme of summer, looks a little holiday wind, with a taste of the jungle adventure. VALENTINO: with Xian Qi African wind according to the worldmarket report, "Made in Kenya" series will adhere to the production of each piece of clothing manual mode, Asos also ensures that workers and artists can work in a safe and environmentally friendly environment, all materials are in line with local requirements and will be used for recycling. This is the Asos to try to fulfill the corporate ethics and social responsibility of the project, I hope the traditional African arts and crafts to be able to get a new wave of modern fashion.相关的主题文章: