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Australian media: China quantum satellite network control system to build the right day "- Sohu Military Channel text with map: 1:40 on August 16, 2016, China’s Jiuquan satellite launch center in the Long March two Ding Yunzai rocket successfully will be the world’s first quantum science experimental satellite (referred to as" quantum satellite launch ") (photos). The successful launch of the mission, marking China’s space science research has taken an important step. Reference News Network reported on September 9th: Australia Lloyd interpretation website published in September 8th entitled "the satellite positioning" in quantum PLA in the strategy, the author is Michael? Lashkar, compiled as follows: China August launched the world’s first quantum communication experiment satellite "Mo-tse from the Jiuquan satellite launch center". It was named after the name of the ancient thinkers Chinese small satellite mission is to establish a distribution network anti hacker communication line, a quantum key, at the same time, for the first time to carry out a series of experiments and quantum correlation in space. Quantum science satellite project was launched in 2011, is one of the tasks of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Science and technology pilot program of space science. The plan includes the launch of a series of satellites in 2015-2030 to explore black holes, dark matter and cosmic background radiation. Study on quantum technology, a key project is Chinese announced in March this year, "13th Five-Year" plan. Quantum science satellite project by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, chaired by the chief scientist Pan Jianwei. The payload is jointly developed by the Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics, University of Science & Technology China and the Chinese Academy of sciences. Quantum science satellite will promote the "quantum Internet" (secure communication and dispersion is higher than the traditional Internet Computing) research, and the "test of Mo-tse" will enhance the Chinese Army (PLA) quantum required in sensor and combat system in the future, the key communication system and network capacity. "Mo-tse," the test is designed to use quantum information technology to enhance communication between space and earth. Quantum information technology relies on the transmission of photons (the particles of light). Different from the traditional communication satellite, the quantum communication is not a radio wave, but a piece of crystal which can generate entangled photon pairs. Quantum key cannot be copied, stolen or manipulated in theory. China plans to build a quantum satellite network by 2030 and upgrade the ground quantum computer network. If successful, quantum communication network China will become a dual-purpose strategic asset, it can enhance the power projection capabilities of the PLA through the following means: 1 space intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance platform, tactical warning and attack assessment; 2 command, control and communication; 3 navigation, positioning and environmental monitoring. People’s Liberation Army seems to grasp the right to make the right to grasp the system of information". This is an important prerequisite for the PLA to occupy the advantages of air and sea in the highly competitive areas. For this purpose, the people’s Liberation Army and civil defense research and development community has been the development of different types of satellites, designed to enhance the PLA’s military efficiency. In the PLA’s strategic thinking, enter,.相关的主题文章: