Australian media says the U.S. has responded to the South China Sea and angered the Chinese missile

Australian media said the United States on the South China Sea reconnaissance China has angered missile to response the United States Australia second amphibious assault ship USS Adelaide official service China Foreign Ministry spokesman yesterday denounced the U.S. military is south of the murderers, frequently sent warships and military aircraft into the South China Sea, has repeatedly induced pressure allies or partners in the South China Sea to engage in joint military drill with strong "" and "joint cruise". On the same day, the Australian media reports, the United States supports Australia in the South China Sea to "freedom of navigation". The United States on the South China Sea Islands China frequently engage in or near the reconnaissance has provoked China provocation, the world media generally believe that the China missile on the island to the United States to respond. In this situation, the United States is the most hope I pulled a few increasing momentum, but the face is that India’s foreign ministry officials publicly rejected U.S. sea cruise proposal. At the same time, the United States is also trying to create "the front", the U.S. Defense Department official Hill Wright has to put pressure on the European Union, Australia, Japan and South Korea and other allies, forcing them to declare support for the South China Sea dispute arbitration tribunal verdict. Russian expert Cossor Lev said sarcastically, "advised Americans, you should first learn to respect international law, and then use it to the lessons of other countries".

澳媒称美国对南海侦察已激怒中国 导弹对美回应 澳大利亚第二艘两栖攻击舰阿德莱德号正式服役   中国外交部发言人昨天斥责美国是南海军事化的真凶,频繁派出军用舰机进入南海海域,一再诱压盟国或伙伴在南海搞针对性极强的“联合军演”和“联合巡航”。就在当天,澳大利亚媒体披露,美国支持澳大利亚在南海多搞“自由航行”。美国频频对中国南海岛礁搞抵近侦察等挑衅早已激怒中国,世界媒体普遍认为中国在永兴岛上部署导弹是对美国的回应。   在这种情势下,美国最盼望的就是拉上几个小弟增加声势,但打脸的是,印度外交部官员公开拒绝了美国的南海联合巡航提议。与此同时,美国还试图制造“仲裁战线”,美国国防部高官希尔莱特已向澳大利亚、欧盟、日韩等盟友施压,逼他们表态支持仲裁庭有关南海争议的判决。俄罗斯专家科瑟列夫讽刺说,“奉劝美国人,你们应当先学会尊重国际法,然后再用它来教训别的国家”。相关的主题文章: