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Automobile consumption strong consumption growth accelerated in August China – Beijing, China News Agency, Beijing (reporter Pang Wuji) in September 13, affected by the factors such as the speed of car sales in August, China total social retail sales growth accelerated. China National Bureau of statistics data released on 13 2016, August, China total retail sales of social consumer goods 2 trillion and 750 billion yuan (RMB, same below), representing a nominal increase of 10.6%, up 0.4 percentage points higher than the growth rate in July. NBS spokesman Sheng Yun pointed out that in August the growth of automobile consumption is an important factor in stimulating the growth of the total retail sales of social consumer goods. Month car sales grew 13.1%, faster than last month to speed up to 3.9 percentage points, stimulating the growth of total retail sales of social consumer goods accelerated by about 0.5 percentage points. For a sudden acceleration of automobile consumption, Sheng Yun explained that there are two main reasons: first, from a fundamental point of view, Chinese is currently in a critical period of upgrading the consumption structure, in the future to solve the problem of food and clothing, people began to Chinese consumer pursuit of development and enjoyment, so live and for such goods in recent years has maintained rapid growth. Although China has sold more than 20 million cars a year in recent years, there is still a lot of room for consumption in china. According to household survey data, China now has about 34 cars per household ownership of nearly a hundred households, that is, 1/3 of households have a car. The United States now has a total of about 220 cars per hundred households in Europe, developed countries, as well as Japan, South Korea and other countries, the number of cars per 100 households nearly 150. In contrast, China still has much room for improvement. Two is a certain relationship with the policy stimulus. Chinese at the end of last year introduced a new deal with preferential subsidies to 1.6 liters and the following displacement of small cars, this policy will expire in the next few months, before the expiry of a part of the consumption potential release, may enhance the short time consumption of cars. In addition to the car, the home sales continued for many months also promote the home, decoration and other related types of product sales to maintain rapid growth. August, construction and decoration materials consumption grew 16.3%, furniture consumption grew by 11.1%. In addition, online shopping continues to maintain rapid growth momentum. 2016 1-8 months, the national online retail sales of 30210 yuan, an increase of 26.7%, of which physical goods online retail sales of $24347 billion, an increase of 25.5%. (end)相关的主题文章: