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Baby smart, because genetic parents of good genes? Baby baby – Sohu today is really all smart and lovely, treasure treasure mom dad sometimes jokingly said, the baby who is as clever. So today, Tina want to talk to you, the baby is really smart because the genetic parents of good genes? People once believed that the ability of genetic gene is very powerful, is the decisive factor of fetal development is the so-called: Dragon born dragon, chicken born chicken, mouse’s son can make hole. As long as the mother to take care of yourself, the fetus will naturally according to the genetic blueprint for the development set, so for the development of the fetus, people think that genetic factors are more important than parenting more during pregnancy. However, new research has shown that the gene is desired, but how the performance is affected by genetic, diet habits and behaviors of mothers affected to a great extent, even by maternal unresolved stress. It’s like every one of us gets a set of computer molds, but it doesn’t mean that everyone can set up the same excellent program. And pregnancy as the program set stage. Moreover, epigenetics is a new area of research in which the womb can set the tone for a healthy fetus. Here we give an example: 1 after the baby is born, not only is the genetic decision. One such study, the implantation of a fertilized egg donors of different mothers womb were studied, by this way the baby was born on the results show that these mothers womb health and nutrition level have more influence than the donor gene on the development of the later period of the fetus, to some extent, all the uterus occurs at least and genes are of equal importance. 2 a smart brain needs a mother’s mother or a baby’s first protective net. The entire pregnancy especially in the last 3 months, fetal brain development is the fastest, most sensitive to the toxin, the placenta and the mother and the building against the various internal toxin protective nets, reasonable pregnancy habit of course can protect the baby’s brain development. 3 high level of emotional intelligence, in the womb began to lay the foundation for us to evaluate a person smart or not, not only to see IQ, EQ is equally important. EQ directly guides the ability of emotional control. If the mothers during pregnancy is always in a state of high anxiety, high anxiety hormones have high levels of stress hormones may adjust the fetus, so the baby after birth, may can’t help the difficulties encountered by the amplification, which appeared excessive anxiety. However, this point of view is not to tell you po Mom: pregnancy status can make a judgment on the baby. You know that human beings have a very strong ability to adapt, and a good habit of life after birth can usually reduce or even overcome unhealthy pregnancy effects. But if from the beginning of the pregnancy for the baby to escort, to give him a good start in life, of course, is the most sensible choice! So, smart baby is not simply inherited from the parents, and many of them related factors, including the influence of nutritional factors and habits during pregnancy相关的主题文章: