Baolong successfully issued a total of 4 billion yuan bond financing costs continue to decline in th-jiuyaogan

Baolong successfully issued a total of 4 billion yuan bond financing costs continue to decline – Beijing, Beijing, August 25, today, Powerlong real estate (HK.1238) announced that a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shanghai Baolong Industrial Development Co. Ltd. in Chinese publicly issued third bonds, issue size of 800 million yuan, the coupon rate of 5.25%. It is reported that in December 2015, Powerlong Shanghai Baolong Industrial Development Company Limited in Chinese public offering total par value of not more than 4 billion yuan of corporate bonds approved by the Commission for China. The first phase of 2 billion 700 million yuan has been released in January this year, the interest rate is 6.2%; second of the scale of 500 million yuan bonds in March the completion of the issuance, the interest rate of 6%; third 800 million the size of the bond, the interest rate is as low as 5.25%, but the actual subscription amount is 1.89 times 800 million, shows that investors in the capital market for Baolong recognition. According to real estate interim report shows that the first half of the core profit profit of about 780 million yuan, representing an increase of 26.2%; at the same time, the weighted average financing cost decreased from 6.73% to 7.55% last year. The cost of financing and profitability continued to decline continuously, further boosted Baolong’s performance in the capital market. In August 11th, Citibank released a research report that, given the Powerlong strong in the outstanding performance in the first half of 2016, maintaining a "buy" rating, at the same time as the net assets increase, raised the target price to HK $2.5, up by more than 32%. In fact, real estate stocks since March of this year has risen 38%.

宝龙成功发行共40亿元债券 融资成本持续下降-中新网   中新网8月25日电 今日,宝龙地产(HK.1238)宣布,公司全资附属上海宝龙实业发展有限公司在中国公开发行第三期公司债,发行规模为人民币8亿元,票面利率5.25%。   据悉,2015年12月,宝龙地产建议上海宝龙实业发展有限公司在中国公开发行面值总额不超过人民币40亿元的公司债券获得中国证监会批复。其中首期27亿元已于今年1月份发行,利率为6.2%;第二期5亿元规模的债券也在3月完成发行,利率6%;此次第三期8亿规模债券,利率更是低至5.25%,而且实际认购量为8亿的1.89倍,充分说明投资者资本市场对于宝龙的认可。   据宝龙地产中期业绩报告显示,其上半年核心盈利润约为7.8亿元,较去年同期上升26.2%;同时,加权平均融资成本从去年的7.55%下降至6.73%。   融资成本的持续下降和盈利能力的不断提升,进一步提振了宝龙在资本市场的表现。8月11日,花旗银行发布研究报告称,鉴于宝龙地产在2016上半年的强势突出表现,维持其“买入”评级,同时由于资产净值提高,上调目标价至2.5港元,上调幅度超过32%。实际上,宝龙地产股票自今年3月至今已累计上涨38%。相关的主题文章: