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Is "sell" into the factory of the interns: practice content and non professional news – Sohu to Dongguan city TP-Link Technology Co Ltd internship students, all students is the factory line through a company called "Ebang" intermediary companies signed the entry declaration of students’ practice when the dormitory is there bedding on the lower berth of students the working environment at 7:30 in the morning, the alarm in the ten world dormitory echoes. Get up, wash, just grab a hair, Du Liming strode into the workshop. Here, his identity is a main line on the Guangdong Dongguan Porter industry a mobile phone manufacturing. In a week ago, he was a Lanzhou Vocational College of Foreign Languages Junior, the beginning of the new term, he and hundreds of students, is the electronic factory to Huizhou, Dongguan, the school arranged around the Kunshan and Nanjing, began a period of 6 months’ internship". The students are required to work at least 12 hours a day, but do not have the same line of work as their major. Du Liming and his classmates had wanted to escape, but was informed by the school: take off their own posts will be punished by the school, and even get a diploma. Sandwiched between the school and the factory, there are signs that Du Liming and his classmates are puzzled by the "Internship". They are working as "assembly line workers," but they don’t get as much money as real workers. Du Liming felt that they were "sold" by the school. Hiding South practice before the Mid Autumn Festival, Lanzhou Vocational College of Foreign Languages accounting professional Junior Li Hui, received notice of the school: to organize people to the south around the practice, to remind you pack up after collection. Former students tell them, according to the practice experience, the destination is the electronic factory shop, "the bitter tired, what I have learned". Public information, Lanzhou Vocational College of Foreign Languages is a private vocational school, three years of schooling, with a total of 24 professional, nearly 6400 students. The same junior Du Liming, wanted to take advantage of this semester, school counseling agencies reported a good review, preparing for the next spring ptpuc exam, so he didn’t want to waste time to the field of practice, but recent batch of students after the departure of the old school, students teachers find the practice to open a "mobilization", to persuade everyone to participate in the collective practice. During the period, there are some students find jobs signed three party agreement, also do not want to go to the field of practice, teacher in the class group answer says, "not to practice no diploma, let everyone obey the arrangement of the school. Before departure, Lanzhou Vocational College of Foreign Languages teachers and students organized a group photo, photo of students holding a certain professional staff and students warmly welcome the students to practice base practice "or" warmly welcome the Moumou Department of students in Guangdong employment "banner with a smile. So, Li Hui, Du Liming and the same school hundreds of different professional Junior, a commitment in the school provided, according to the requirements of the signing of the "voluntary signature confirmation, and with the consent of the parents completely agree" the words, in the school under the guidance of the teacher, sit on the general fast from the LanZhou Railway Station of South Kunshan, Nanjing, Huizhou and Dong Mei相关的主题文章: