Bean curd festival held in Wuyi to see who is tofu Xi Shi-mkdv-02

Wuyi hosted the Cultural Festival tofu tofu to see who is November 19th, 2016 "three port" township of the second session of the three vegetarian ancient port of Zhejiang Wuyi Rural Cultural Festival tofu ended. The three Hong Kong Rural Cultural Festival tofu based on three Hong Kong Xiang Yi Keng Cun, drag source village, Zhang Wan Cun natural villages, the production process and the unique cultural heritage of nearly a thousand years of tofu tofu, a new model combining with tofu vegetarian culture and rural tourism, to create a vegetarian Township pension offsite Resort three, the formation of rural cultural tourism in Hong Kong New formats. The finalists of tofu Festival contest tofu is another highlight of the Cultural Festival tofu. According to the reporter, since the beginning of tofu primaries, just a few days time, through a variety of network platform to participate in tofu audition number reached nearly 1000 people. After fierce competition, ten hard-working and versatile players, talent shows itself from nearly a thousand applicants in Hong Kong, three finalists to the rural cultural festival tofu tofu Xi Shi ten. They are born in rural Wuyi, is more representative of the folk beauty hard tofu. The visitors came to participate in the three Hong Kong tofu Culture Festival more than ten thousand people, the event highlights. "Pure heart drunk beauty three Hong Kong Love Charity happy line series of activities, three Hong Kong tourists from around the country to auction tofu, tea oil, black fungus and other ecological good vegetarian, love at the same time the three Hong Kong home ecological delicacy. "Yi Keng tofu really taste particularly good, three Hong Kong day feel three Hong Kong haoshanhaoshui scenery. To such a delicious tofu absolutely only Yi Keng haoshanhaoshui good beans do. Able to dedicate a love, but also fortunate enough to shoot today’s tofu king, very happy! The bean curd Festival is really white!" To 200 yuan high price of tofu tofu Festival, the king of Shanghai, Mr. Shen said happily. In addition, three Hong Kong handmade pickles, letinous edodes, soy and other vegetarian is popular with consumers. A black fungus rod in a minute from 30 yuan to 300 yuan Qipai price auction site, many tourists want the black fungus rod home, really put three Hong Kong to the original ecological living city. Three Hong Kong duck, tea and so on are high shot away. In addition, tofu contest, Yi Ling Road Zhang Wan Village fam treasure hunt, "Clear Water Bay Cup" photography contest, three Hong Kong day God trap ducks and other fun activities also attracted many tourists, at the same time, three Hong Kong as the Wuyi National Rural photography competition debut, attracting thousands of photographers from all over the country with synchronous camera record the breathtaking scenery of three Hong Kong village. Three port township party secretary Jiang Ying said, "this is the most important purpose of the Cultural Festival tofu, tofu as a carrier in the traditional resources promote local tourism, to further promote the introduction of three Hong Kong rich vegetarian resources and human environment, through such a vegetarian culture resources, to attract more remote pension and driving the guests to come three Hong kong.相关的主题文章: