Before August national land sales revenue over 2 trillion year on year growth of over 14%

Before the August national land sales revenue of over 2 trillion year-on-year growth of 14% in August before the national land sales revenue of over 2 trillion newspaper news (reporter Jiang Chuya) in the fiscal revenue growth down, real estate related tax revenues growth downward background, land revenue growth has continued to rise. According to the Ministry of finance, the latest data show that the first 8 months of the country’s general public budget revenue of about $11 trillion. The Ministry of finance that affect by the downward pressure on the economy, replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT) policies such as reduction effect, future fiscal revenue situation is not optimistic for several months. However, the growth rate of land revenue is still upward, land finance is still a place of high-quality financial resources. Data show that the first 8 months of the national state-owned land use right transfer income of about 2 trillion, an increase of 14%. Steady growth of land revenue 13 fiscal year, August 2016 fiscal revenue and expenditure show that this year, from to August, the national state-owned land use rights transfer income of 20057 yuan, an increase of 14%. Also from the Ministry of finance data show that in July of this year, the cumulative state-owned land use rights transfer income 17288 yuan, an increase of 12.1%. In the first half of this year, the national state-owned land use rights transfer income 14303 yuan, an increase of 9.7%. It is not difficult to find, from the first half of 9.7% to the end of July 12.1%, to 1 by the end of August 14%, the sales revenue is showing steady growth. In addition, the reporter learned that in 2015 the annual land transfer revenue fell by 21.4%, from a significant decline in the re emergence of the growth of the figure of two, the strength of this reversal is considerable. City differentiation is obvious it is worth noting that the "land finance" heat again, but only a small part of the city’s Carnival, city differentiation is obvious. In fact, the national fiscal revenue growth in the overall downward background, the city public budget revenue growth rate is also strong, even contrarian rebound. According to the Central Plains real estate research center statistics, 50 cities in the first 8 months of land leasing amounted to $1 trillion and 510 billion, compared to about 1 trillion last year, an increase of up to 51%. Part of the second tier cities in the larger increase in land revenue, such as Shanghai, the first 8 months of land revenue reached $124 billion, an increase of about 40%, Hangzhou, Hefei, land revenue rose more than 200%. However, the famous real estate experts Xie Yifeng told reporters: real estate sales, investment, etc. in 3 and April peaked after the fall, the land market will lag behind some. In particular, some of the current hot city housing prices soared in the short term, the price of land is generally more than the price, the risk gradually accumulated, the land market is difficult to maintain high heat." "At the same time, as part of the land price is very high, the project development cycle is elongated, resulting in downward growth of new real estate projects will be started, in which reduce future real estate investment and real estate sales slowed tax revenue." He admits. More exciting content to pay attention to WeChat search public number: Tencent Finance (financeapp).相关的主题文章: