Beijing intends to push the residential area of the voting system owners do not vote as a default

Beijing intends to push the residential area of the voting system owners do not stand as a default opinion – in order to public interests, and sometimes have to make reasonable limits on personal interests. Yesterday, the Municipal Construction Committee Director Xu Jianyun report to the Municipal People’s Congress the city’s old district renovation work revealed that the city is studying the property through the form of specific legislation, in a building at the age of 60 or over the age of 65 more than half the proportion of residents, and more than 2/3 of the consent of the owners, other owners shall not oppose to the installation of the elevator. In addition, the proposed property management services, residential quarters will study the default voting system, the owner does not stand in a certain period of time as agreed. More than half of the elderly residents to lift the elevator conditions are being carried out to carry out the transformation of the old district of the city, has completed 65 million 620 thousand square meters remediation tasks, as well as at least 30 million square meters of the task has not yet been completed. The transformation found that living in the old district residents generally older, low income, for the installation of the elevator demand is very strong, and in the city can realize the old residential elevator installation is very rare. Where is the old building elevator? Not without technology, not lack of funds, it is difficult to obtain the unanimous consent of the owners. There is often require the unanimous consent of all owners to install an elevator, often funds together, can one or two individual users feel the noise of elevator installation occupy public space, but I don’t have money, do not agree with, only to settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. In this regard, in the future the city will study the introduction of the relevant provisions, if a building at the age of 60 or over the age of 65 residents aged more than half the proportion, and more than 2/3 other owners agree that the owner shall not oppose the installation of an elevator. In addition to the installation of elevators to be adopted by the majority of the way to force the adoption of the property legislation is under study, will also implement the responsibility of owners, property services companies and government departments. Xu Jianyun said, to change the current owners of the low turnout LED status of owners committee is difficult to set up, property legislation intends to study the default voting system, to explore the development of the owners in a certain period of time does not stand as agreed with the provisions to promote the establishment and development of the owners’ committee. The old district will gradually complete the property there is no old residential property management how to do? Xu Jianyun said it will carry out self service management pilot and step by step to promote the implementation of property management. The old district is not stationed in the property services company, intends to implement the "community service" management mode, by the office of the streets (township government) to lead and guide the district self-service management organization or community committees to have security, green cleaning, maintenance and repair, parking management "as the basic goal, through service outsourcing, hiring full-time staff, cultivate related volunteer service team, to meet the service needs of residents of residential property. For by the unit independent management district (compound), the implementation of the "unit of self-service", to further clarify the responsibility of property units, single property from the property unit to organize the implementation of service management, multi unit residential property, by exploring the establishment of a total area of the district resources integration mechanism, to solve the residential housing repair, parking management, greening cleaning, security and other Hao相关的主题文章: