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Weight-Loss If you have poor genetics then unfortunately losing weight is not going to be easy for you. It is essential to have a well-planned training and nutrition plan. Some people can allow themselves to cheat a little and still lose weight but unfortunately you are not one of them. You need consistency and discipline in your nutritional and training habits. 1. Exercise is essential For people who have poor genetics, when it comes to fat loss, it is extremely difficult to lose any considerable amount of weight with diets alone. Even if you diet plan is almost perfect. Exercise is a must and has to be a huge part of your life. A slow metabolism is the root of the problems and exercise will boost your metabolism and therefore help you burn more calories, especially weight training. The right combination of the correct nutrition, aerobic training and weight training and increase your metabolism substantially. 2. Medium to low carbohydrates and high protein diet High carbohydrate and low fat diets are usually not effective because endomorphs have carbohydrate sensitivity and insulin resistance to various degrees. A moderate carb and high protein diet is the best. Refined, processed carbs that contain sugar and white flour are also a problem because they convert to body fat easily and of course sugar is also a BIG NO! Other than that you are perfectly fine! 3. More activity One of the main reasons why so many people are overweight is because of the lack of activity. If you have problems losing weight then you have to be far more active and instead of finding every excuse to relax, you have to find every excuse to be active. It is very easy to just sit back and relax but you need to have the discipline and willpower to avoid this. 4. Commit to fitness One of the things you have to avoid is short-term solutions to weight loss and fitness in general. You have to take the long path and you can not afford to stop exercising. Once you have reached your desired weight, then the next step is maintenance. Which is even harder than losing the weight in the first place. People with poor genetics really must continue with their exercise and nutrition program their whole lives. Because when you do stop, then all the weight you have lost will come back very quickly. It is not going to be easy to lose weight but it is possible, About the Author: Check out the top 5 Fat Loss Programs out there right now, in my opinion. All of them work very well, but people are different and what works for some, may not work for others. I am sure you will find the right one, that works for you. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: