Biography Facebook hope to return to the Chinese market and the development of related tools

Facebook hopes to return to the China market and to the development of tools Zuckerberg Phoenix Technology News Beijing on November 23rd news, according to foreign media reports, informed sources said, Facebook is hoping to return to Chinese market, and developed a specific area in shielding user tool posts. Although this move Facebook might help to ease the government’s concern, but taking into account the operating license restrictions and other regulations to support the local Chinese company, even if Facebook can return to China market, that may be several years later. Since 2009, Facebook services can not be used in china. Facebook employees and former employees, said the company has quietly developed a software that can prevent the post appears in the specific region of the user information flow. This feature is designed to help Facebook return to the Chinese market, and these efforts won the support of Facebook CEO Mark · (Zuckerberg), (Mark) support and defense. Facebook does not intend to block the post itself, but through software to allow third parties – most likely Chinese companies – to monitor the user may be able to share the popular articles and topics. By then, Facebook partners can completely decide whether to let these posts appear in the user’s information flow. "We already said, we intend to enter the market Chinese, and always take the time to learn more about the China market and learn," Facebook spokesman in an e-mail statement said, "however, we have yet to make any decision to enter the market China. Our current focus is to help Chinese companies and developers to expand new markets outside China through advertising platforms."       this software is one of the many ways Facebook has entered the Chinese market. But like many other Facebook trials, it may never be officially launched. The code for this feature is open to Facebook internal engineers, which have never been used before. There is no indication that Facebook has offered it to the Chinese authorities. This summer, many Facebook engineers have developed this tool has left. In Facebook, many employees have asked about the project in the internal forum, so that it became a topic of conversation on Friday afternoon in Facebook in July. Zuckerberg was also at the scene, and answered questions from the audience on this issue. He said that China’s Facebook program is still in its early stages. According to the question and answer staff to participate in the recall, Zuckerberg for the future of Facebook into China gives a pragmatic view. "It’s better to be able to provide social networking services for Chinese users than to be completely shielded, even if the service is not complete," Zuckerberg told employees. Zuckerberg often visits China, the company in 201.相关的主题文章: