Bloomberg ants in the first half of 2017 to seek service in Hongkong IPO-homefront

Bloomberg: ants seeking payment service in the first half of 2017 IPO Tencent in Hongkong science and technology news in August 25th, according to Peng Bo news, news sources, ants seeking payment service in the first half of 2017 IPO in Hongkong, does not rule out the possibility of Hongkong listed in Shanghai. According to a person familiar with the anonymous sources, the ant gold suit was originally planned listed in both places at the same time, just because of restrictions on mainland China stock option plans to. However, the possibility of ants in Shanghai listed gold has not ruled out, the company may still be considered in the mainland market. Ants have Chinese the largest online payment service payment service application of alipay. After the completion of the latest round of financing, the market value of the ant clothing gold reached $60 billion. The ant gold service program in Hongkong may be one of the largest IPO in the history of Hongkong, although its financing amount has not been determined IPO. Companies listed in Hongkong usually need at least 25% of the free float, and those who reach a certain size of the company can apply for the proportion of free floating shares fell to 15%. According to the latest valuation, ant gold service 15% stake worth about $9 billion. China’s current rules require the original shareholders of the listed company shall not be more than 200. In addition, the current rules require listed companies to be listed before the stock options, because the Ant King of the stock option as an incentive to employees, the company will need to apply to the China Securities Regulatory Commission special exemption. If the ant gold suit to be listed in Shanghai, it will be like long queues and many companies waiting for the approval of the sfc. After a year of turmoil in the stock market, the Commission has consciously changed regulatory rules. Shek, a finance spokesman for Miranda, said in a telephone interview that the company had not set a timetable for IPO. (compile Tan Si)相关的主题文章: