Boas the goal of the Champions League hopes to continue with the brilliant Hulk – Sohu

Boas: the goal of the League hopes with Hulk Zaixuhuihuang – Sports Sohu Boas attended the press conference (source all sports) Super League APP news November 4th, the Hong Kong Shanghai club announced from Portugal’s European marshal Boas as the team’s new coach. 2 in the afternoon held a press conference, Boas expressed the hope that their work together for years of hulk on the success of Hong kong. Boas said at the press conference: I came to China’s goal is to win the championship. I am a young coach, I have my own ambition, and I will work hard for it. In the world of football, only the winner can be recognized. I’m here to fulfill my ambition and achieve the goals of the club." The port of Shanghai this season, eventually finishing third in the league, and into the quarterfinals in the AFC Champions League stadium. The next season in Hong Kong will continue to double battle, Boas said this will leave the league in the first place: "the primary goal of the team next season is to win the champion in the Super League, in the AFC Champions League arena, we also hope to be able to enter the quarter finals in based on the new high. But considering the depth of the team’s line-up, have achieved very good results in the league and AFC Champions League on is a challenge. So we’ll focus more on the league." When asked how much of the current Shanghai team, Boas replied: "I’ve been working on my players and I’ve been impressed by a few players. For example, Wu Lei, Yu Hai, Fu Huan and Yan Junling, can work with them to make me happy." The coach of Shanghai port, for Boas, is the team cooperation and Hulk third times. Speaking of his old friend, Boas said: "before I came to Shanghai and Hulk had the exchange, we are good friends in private. He can help me understand the club and the city of Shanghai. After I and his work was very successful, I also hope to let the Hulk again become the league’s best player, everyone knows him very well, and I hope he to succeed in Hong kong." (Lu Chao)相关的主题文章: