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Regardless of what you need, Boston thermal imaging services can provide solutions for your electrical, mechanical, .mercial or residential infrared inspection needs. With the advanced and state-of-the-art infrared technology, thermal imaging equipments are used to perform effective, non-contact inspections of areas like under roofs and behind walls. Also known as infrared thermography, it is the process of acquiring and analyzing heat information using non-contact thermal imaging devices. It is .monly used to find plumbing leaks under concrete slabs, roof leaks, leaks in air conditioning ductwork and to check insulation inside ceilings and walls. Boston thermal imaging services can ac.modate thermography needs in roofing systems, structural building diagnostics, heat and air conditioning systems and electrical systems. Applications in Roofing Systems A well prepared, accurate graphic map of the roofs infrared images can bring significant advantages and benefits to the owner at all stages of the roofs life. Identifying where the problem is allows the owner to effectively manage his property. Detect flat roof leaks for plants, buildings and facilities. Accurately locate damaged portion of roofs. Prevent unnecessary replacement of a good roof. Plan budget based on accurate facts. Identify problems before bond or warranty expires. Applications in Structural Diagnostics Thermal imaging can be used as a building quality assurance tool. Majority of the buildings, if not all, can preserve and retain heat energy which is therefore can be evaluated and assessed for quality of installation. Inspect buildings, refineries, plants and facilities for thermal heat loss. Inspect concrete integrity. Evaluate buildings, facilities and condos. Examine concrete water heated floor for temperature distribution and leaks. Identify damaged or missing location. Detect air leakage energy losses. Assess retrofits thermal performance. Identify radiant heating pipes and wires. Applications in Heat and Air Conditioning Mechanical Systems Heat losses in buildings like air leakages can constitute 50% of total energy consumption. Thermal imaging can accurately and quickly identify air leaks within the property thus improve energy efficiency. Asses leaks in equipments and ducts. Evaluate burners for burner management and flame impingement. Evaluate air conditioning equipment and heat ventilation. Assess fuel .bustion patterns. Inspect mechanical bearings. Analyze and monitor gearbox. Identify coke buildup in crude oil furnaces. Cold storage losses. Applications in Electrical Systems Thermal imaging can accurately and quickly visualize temperature distribution over the entire surface of an area of any electrical equipments and machineries. 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