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UnCategorized Bush are a alternative rock band formed in London in 1992 shortly after vocalist/guitarist Gavin Rossdale and guitarist Nigel Pulsford met in a London nightclub. Realising they shared a love for such diverse artists as the Pixies, Bob Marley, The Jesus Lizard, MC5, Husker Du, and Big Black, they decided to form a band together. It was not long before they recruited drummer Robin Goodridge and bassist Dave Parsons and started writing. Dave Parsons joined Bush shortly after leaving the band Transvision Vamp. Drummers such as Sasha Gervasi, Amir, and Spencer Cobrin had all filled in as Bush drummers before Robin Goodridge was made the permanent fit and thus .pleting the Bush lineup. The band found immediate success with the release of their debut album Sixteen Stone in 1994, which is certified 6 multi-platinum by the RIAA. Bush went on to be.e one of the most .mercially successful rock bands of the 1990s, selling over 10 million records in the United States. Despite their success in the United States, the band was less well known in their home country and enjoyed only marginal success there. Bush have had numerous top ten singles on the Billboard rock charts, and one #1 album for Razorblade Suitcase in 1996. The band separated in 2002 but the name was revived in 2010 and began work on a new album, The Sea of Memories, due for release in September 2011. The group chose the name "Bush" because they used to live in Shepherd’s Bush, London.In Canada, they were once known as Bushx, because the 1970s band Bush, led by Domenic Troiano, owned the Canadian rights to the name. In April 1997, it was announced that Troiano had agreed to let them use the name Bush in Canada without the exponent x, in exchange for donating $20,000 each to the Starlight Children’s Foundation and the Canadian Music Therapy Trust Fund. On June 22, 2010, it was announced that Bush would play their first show in eight years at the second-annual Epicenter Music Festival in Fontana, California on September 25, 2010. A new album, then-titled Everything Always Now, was also announced as well as a new single "Afterlife". Founding members Nigel Pulsford and Dave Parsons both decided not to rejoin the band, with Rossdale stating:I have been speaking to Nigel a lot and each time I do a record, I would ask him to do it. He is happy and it is not something he wanted to do he has a family. I spoke to Dave. I was surprised because I thought he would do it. He thought about it for the weekend and then said he could not. He did not want to .mit and then back out he did not know how long he could tour. It is an absurd amount of work. Pulsford and Parsons were replaced by Chris Traynor and Corey Britz respectively. Traynor had also stood in for Pulsford during the Golden State tour. The new line up played seven shows in 2010, performing songs from Bush’s previous four albums as well as their new song "Afterlife".Gavin announced on Radio that the album had been renamed The Sea of Memories. A new single is .ing out July 2011 with the album released in September. Also, Bush has announced an October 2011 tour with the band Chevelle. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: