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Nutrition Too many things are getting ascribed for producing cancer. There are scientific studies linking to coffee as increasing cancer cells in our pancreas. Some researches propose contact with radiation. But sometimes it all .es down to the food we eat. Increasing numbers of people are now being diagnosed with cancer due to the fact more and more harmful food is getting introduced into the market. This is why while some cancer sufferers go the way of the alternative cancer treatment some people have turned to healthy and balanced eating. We are what we eat, they say. And its not only a matter of turning into what we eat but rather integrating the good and bad effects of the kind of foodstuff we put in our system. In this particular era of everything in a jiffy, here are some more cancer-causing foodstuffs we ought to avoid. 1. Processed meat Time and time again we are told that processed food such as hotdog, hams, nuggets, bacons and such are among the top factors that cause cancer. Those foods that use preservative via salting, curing or smoking are packed in chemical substances to provide them a very extended shelf life. Regardless of knowing this already .mon knowledge more canned items and hotdogs are increasingly being consumed each day. Manufactured meats like hotdogs are colored red to give them a fresh, meaty appearance. But that redness is actually a carcinogenic .ponent known as sodium nitrate. They are also manufactured from scraps from various meats like internal organs, nerve tissue and bone pieces and other animal parts that are not usable for regular consuming. Just like other highly processed food, the animals these meats originated from had been injected with hormones, antibiotics, pesticides as well as waste materials. But not only is prepared meat a revolting matter, research in 2005 performed by University of Hawaii, discovered that highly processed meats enhance the possibility of having pancreatic cancer. While the World Cancer Research Fund discovered a relation between having a diet of processed food with many forms of cancer. 2. Acrylamide Acrylamide is a chemical .pound basically used for products that are plastic-type material, grouts, water treatment goods and cosmetics. Foods which are cooked at excessive temperature ranges produce acrylamide within them. Cigarette smoke, other than the most obvious reality of the fumes producing cancer cells within our lung area, also includes acrylamide. 3. Microwave popcorn More than the popcorn itself, its the microwavable bag for popcorns that has .pounds that cause cancer. Among the chemicals sprinkled within the bag is perfluoroctanoic acid (PFOA). In a study .pleted in UCLA, tests carried out on animals treated with PFOA revealed a development of liver, testicular and pancreatic cancer. When the bag is microwaved, the heating melts the harmful chemicals which then go into the popcorn. As a whole, popcorns really are a healthy replacement for fast food. However its better if you prepare them in the pan like old times. 4. Non-.anic fruits By non-.anic we mean fruits that are sprayed with pesticide. Nowadays there are plantations that grow fruits without needing any kind of chemicals to keep the unwanted pests away. But a larger portion of our fruit industry is still dependent on pesticides. Apple is the number one fruit that is contaminated with chemical substances. Other fruits include grapes, strawberries, and oranges, which when studied revealed that 90% are fully sprayed with pesticide residue. Apart from being toxic, pesticide is among the causes of cancer. Its understandable we are in a period where we are forever in a rush. But when you eat food that’s hurriedly prepared, we are also jeopardizing our health to cancer. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: