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User satisfaction low   vehicle navigation; mobile phone owners tend to navigate car — original title: according to the latest customer satisfaction survey of vehicle navigation navigation mobile phone owners tend to low authority of the U.S. market consulting firm J.D.Power, most of the owners that the sound control system is not suitable, compared to vehicle navigation system, the owners generally used mobile phone navigation. Feel more comfortable to use. J.D.Power conducted a survey of owners in the three months before the car driving car experience, and the technology of vehicle satellite navigation system, vehicle information and entertainment system, safety equipment etc. the user satisfaction conducted market research. The results show that the owners of the new car technology is generally satisfied, but the satisfaction of the vehicle navigation system is the lowest. Survey results show that more than half of the drivers are using mobile navigation and never used the car navigation system. Nearly 1/3 of drivers in the use of car GPS less than two weeks after the switch to the use of portable GPS. The biggest problem with the vehicle navigation system is that when you enter a new destination, you have to browse a lot of menu bars to find the address. In addition, for the sake of safety, the car driver is not allowed to enter the address manually, this is understandable, but the passengers also can not do, because the car is started, the navigation system is locked and can only be activated by voice control, voice control system of vehicle is often not satisfactory, try to let the driver repeatedly. Are downhearted, extremely dissatisfied. J.D.Power vice president Stephens (Renee Stephens) that the vehicle information and entertainment system in Andriod Auto or Apple CarPlay and mobile phone software, can solve this problem well, but many owners do not know these systems with his car. (internship compilation: Tang Xiaoxia reviewer: Liu Yang (Wu Xiaoqin), commissioning editor: Dou Ming)相关的主题文章: