Chen Ergou Zhao Bingrui broke out in the first quarter ending desperate escape (video)

"Chen Ergou" Zhao Bingrui broke out in the first quarter ending desperate Chen Ergou escape evildoer life _16 > > > click on the video to watch Chen Ergou’s Tencent, "evildoer life" Tencent entertainment news from the strength of the actor Zhao Bingrui starred in the legendary IP super network drama "Chen Ergou’s life" evildoer tonight at 20:00 in the first video Tencent finale. It is understood that the drama since launch, played by Zhao Bingrui Chen Ergou is a true blood figure praised the audience as "national Chen Ergou". Tonight will play the horn sounded ending Chen Ergou will also face death and despair, emotional outbreak of fierce flagrantly wounding, was forced to set off a fight to the death to escape an uncertain, but he left Shanghai after the fate of legend also led to speculation. Zhao Bingrui "Chen Ergou" an outbreak of fate cited speculation that the story is about to wrap up with tonight, showing a more intense arena situation trend, played by Zhao Bingrui Chen Ergou also suffered the biggest murder in Shanghai journey, little fate will usher in a new wave of Xing breeze blood rain. The desire to secure life Chen Ergou concentrated precipitation, again by vicious villain Rimmon pick, facing death and escape the Jedi danger, bully group siege chase, the villain of the humiliation and bullying, behind the place obstacles in the way…… Three forces continue to push the original villain, repeatedly retreat Chen Ergou despair broke out, the "tigers" of the upper part of the body, with a dagger instantly pierced his breast, biting means to reach a new height. While he was cornered the sound roar: "ah, the dagger to pull out, then come with me!" "I think Shanghai is firm and secure live, why do you always force me ah!" The tone and ferocious roar of anger to facial expressions, so that the emotional state of the character is to show the most incisive. Not only allow people to play the role of heavy hard career helpless feeling again and again, but also to a large number of chase drama fans of Chen Ergou unknown fate had speculated: "this is two dog bearing the lion in his den! But forced to this point is that no one can stand! Stand my dog elder brother!" "Has been licking the screen N, but until this day, 555 to two dogs to a successful counter attack! The second season is not much better!" Zhao Bingrui bell sounded in century escape fate it is understood that the drama played by Zhao Bingrui Chen Ergou was forced into a villain, cornered situation, can only take the hard way again to throw the helve after the hatchet knife wounding, and he will refuse but also pulled him into the "century great escape" in the situation. That troubled Chen Ergou, after careful consideration, in order to avoid their love brother Troy, and alone to bear all the consequences. However, in this case, Chen Ergou was general Wang Husheng’s life to follow, and set up three days of "Jimingsi about", "two dog corps" agreed their escape from the confluence of Nanjing, fully opened a new chapter in him from Shanghai to Nanjing. Prior to the drama side also revealed: after leaving Shanghai, the two dogs will enter the stage of his growth, not only the story will be more ups and downs, the characters will be more complex." In the first season of tonight’s finale, "jump" and hurry into trouble!相关的主题文章: