Chen Guangbiao accused of faking the death certificate of good herbal tea to avoid

Chen Guangbiao accused of faking the death of a good herbal tea to prove that the shareholders to escape debt, good herbal tea has been dead shareholders appeared Chen Guangbiao forged a death certificate? Beijing original Zhang Xuan   source: Beijing review in September this year, to know the "Beijing time" said Chen Guangbiao forged "good tea" shareholders’ death certificates, to evade debts. The survey found that Chen did not die, in Suqian City, the office of the comprehensive management of rural justice office. At the same time, "Beijing time" contrast found that Chen’s death certificate on the seal, "less a horizontal". In September this year, there are insiders to Beijing time, said Chen Guangbiao in a number of civil litigation in the fake good herbal tea, the death certificate of the shareholders of the company Chen, thus avoiding debt. 2012, Chen Guangbiao jointly established 5 shareholders of the green food industry Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as green food company), and a high-profile introduction of good herbal tea, warm tea and other drinks. Due to poor product sales, less than two years, the company will be canceled. Many dealers suffered huge losses, the 6 shareholders of Chen Guangbiao, the court, and to seek compensation. According to the 5 online judgment included about green food company shareholders sued the dealer civil judgment showed that six shareholders only Chen Guangbiao commissioned a lawyer to. According to the plaintiff lawyer Ye Xin revealed that the defendant’s lawyer commissioned a lawyer to show the death certificate of the death of Wang Xiangping and Chen, and was adopted by the court by the court, the defendant’s lawyer, said the defendant’s lawyer, Mr. Chen Guangbiao. Beijing time through the investigation found that Chen is still alive, at present, or a civil servant in Jiangsu, Suqian. In addition, the survey also found that Chen’s death certificate on the police station official suspected of fraud, fonts and Sihong County Public Security Bureau police station in the days of the special chapter of the font difference. Beijing Yue Cheng Law Firm lawyer Yue Shen Shan said that if the court to provide false evidence is actually belong to prejudice the civil behavior, the court may impose a fine or detention of judicial behavior. And if the forged seal is true, the alleged forgery of state organs crime. Looking for the deceased Chen Beijing time to see the dead in Suqian City, the security of the old clothes. Chen has died, is the consensus of the dealers, but also became a legal document on the facts. "Beijing time" query referee network discovery, September 2015, mentioned that the Nanjing city Jiangning District People’s court ruling 5 civil claims in the judgment in July 15, 2014, Wang Xiangping and Chen take death. According to informed sources, Wang Xiangping was killed in a car accident in 2014, but Chen did not encounter a car accident. Verdict in the deceased Chen still left traces of activity in the country. In the year after death, Chen still has a record of the Check Inn Hotel, and his account has not been canceled. In October 9th, a man riding a motorcycle, wearing a red sports coat, a pair of brown sports pants stopped at the police station in Jiangsu, Suyu Province, the police station. "Beijing times" confirmed that the man is Chen Fuhou, asked whether they knew the "death certificate", Chen theory相关的主题文章: