Chen Quanguo was elected secretary of the Xinjiang Autonomous Region Party committee (Figure resume) candy candy

Chen Quanguo was elected party secretary of Xinjiang autonomous region (Figure resume) original title: Chen Quanguo was elected secretary of the Party committee of the CPC the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Xinhua news agency, Urumqi in November the first plenary session of the 2 CPC the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Committee in November 2nd ninth, Chen Quanguo was elected party secretary of the autonomous region, Xuekelaiti · SAKEL (Uygur), Sun Jinlong, Zhu Hailun, Li Peng as Deputy Secretary of the Autonomous Region Party committee and was elected to the Standing Committee of the regional party committee and Shavkat · Ming (Uygur), Ken ·, Jiang; (Uygur), spat pull big Xu Hairong, Li Xuejun ·, erkin spit; niyazi (Uygur), Ma Xuejun (Dongxiang), Peng Jiarui, Tian Wen (female), and · shar Khan (Kazakh). Xu Hairong of the the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region ninth session of the Commission for Discipline Inspection of the election of the first plenary meeting for the autonomous region Discipline Committee, Ma Guowei, Pu Xuemei (female), Nuremu · J Maj Khan (Kazakh), Ehmetjan · (Uygur); m the Deputy Secretary for the autonomous Commission for Discipline inspection. Chen Quanguo resume Chen Quanguo, male, Han nationality, born in November 1955, Henan, Pingyu, joined the Communist Party of China in February 1976, in December 1973 to participate in the work, master of economics. 1973.12 – 1977.03 army army three division artillery served 1977.03 Zhumadian 1978.03 Henan Province auto parts factory workers 1978.03 – 1981.12 Zhengzhou University Department of economics and Political Economics Majors 1981.12 – 1983.10 Pingyu County in Henan province Xin Dian 1983.10 – 1985.04 Henan commune Zhumadian prefectural office secretary (deputy county) 1985.04, Deputy Secretary General of Henan Province, Zhumadian prefectural Party committee 1988.09 the director of the Policy Research Office of 1988.09 prefectural – 1992.09 Henan province Suiping county Party secretary from 1992.09 to 1994.02 in Henan Province, Zhumadian prefectural committee, Secretary of the 1994.02 – Ping County Organization Department of Pingdingshan Municipal Committee, Henan province 1996.03 1996.03 – 1998.01 Henan Province, deputy secretary of Luohe Municipal Committee, mayor (1995.03 – 1997.07 in the professional Economics College of business administration Wuhan University of Technology vice In-Service Master Learning) 1998.01 – 2000.11 governor of Henan Province 2000.11 – 2001.01 Henan provincial Party Standing Committee, minister, deputy governor of the 2001.01 – 2003.04 Henan provincial Party Standing Committee, ministers of the organization 2003.04 – 2004.01, deputy secretary of Henan provincial ministers of the organization 2004.01, deputy secretary of the Henan Provincial Committee of the 2005.11 2005.11 – 2009.11 Henan provincial Party committee deputy secretary of provincial Party Committee Party school principal Henan Administrative College, 2009.11 – 2010.01, deputy secretary of Hebei provincial Party committee the governor of Hebei 2010.01 – 2011.08.相关的主题文章: