Chevrolet’s global strategy for the midsize SUV who unveiled the Guangzhou Auto Show –

Chevrolet global strategic medium agent SUV world debut at the Guangzhou Motor Show (November 17, 2016) – Sohu car tonight, Chevrolet global strategic medium SUV Equinox geochemical community following the north with brother Meizhi global debut in Guangzhou, ushered in the first show in Asia Pacific region. In the night of the brand sparkling stars on the stage, Chevrolet in the United States Department of exploration field full of a sense of power and appearance, the young family members of the new cool record shows the pure American style with SUV, the design idea and spirit Chinese consumers to enjoy Chevrolet SUV’s inheritance. Chevrolet based on the world’s latest generation of medium sized SUV platform to build, is Chevrolet’s global strategic SUV products. To date 82 years from the world’s first SUV models Suburban was born with a Chevrolet and a loved SUV products, including Suburban, Tahoe, Traverse, a cool to show it as the originator of SUV science and technology creativity and imagination. Because of its pursuit of freedom, to explore the spirit of American culture, the United States has become a cultural label. The overall design of the Chevrolet geochemical community heritage of the American Chevrolet power DNA, adhering to the Chevrolet family a new generation of product design concept of "Life Aesthetics", combining the power of American classic design elements and elements of the Chevrolet family, using the very force body lines, outline the appearance of exploration field tough tough American SUV. The leading 2725mm wheelbase, and smooth roof contour movement, and sketched out by sideways three waist rich surface, the geochemical community has spacious and comfortable space and show the American fashion movement dynamic modeling. In addition to the American SUV have geochemical community atmosphere and a sense of power, in the details of the deal also reflects Chevrolet designers unique creative imagination. Chevrolet family front design using chrome grille elements, full of spirit. Full LED headlights and daytime running lights new design reveals a sharp light and LED taillights circles two probe suction eye bright, very visual temptation. The tail adopts only in luxury brand models will be used in coating panoramic D column design of integrated tail stretched sideways visual effect at the same time, but also under the pressure of air flow, aerodynamic performance optimization. Full of tension double five Aluminum Alloy hub, metal roof rack for exploring the world into American elements more tough, powerful, but also for SUV enthusiasts to provide more fun free travel convenience. Chevrolet is a global brand Chevrolet on world market and a masterpiece based on SUV, design, technology, power, vehicle safety and other aspects of show super strength. As the Chevrolet family star SUV’s successor, the introduction of global geochemical community will let China consumers feel close to the pure American SUV products charm, experience Chevrolet SUV leading the era of Internet and intelligent vehicle safety technology, enjoy high-quality travel fun unfettered. Learn more about SAIC GM相关的主题文章: