China Banking Regulatory Commission net loan filing guidelines clear registration process and classi

CBRC: net loan record clear guidelines for registration process and classification of Sohu news Beijing News News (reporter Jin Yu) today, the Beijing News reporter learned from the China Banking Regulatory Commission, to further establish a net loan information intermediaries basic statistical information mechanism, strengthen the net loan information intermediaries things in the post supervision, the CBRC, the Ministry of industry and Commerce Administration recently jointly issued the "network credit information intermediaries registration management guidelines" (referred to as the "guidelines"), a clear registration and related processes in order to implement classification rules are two principles. Clear the registration process, the CBRC said, "guidelines" in the "basic law" provisions of the provisional business activity management information network lending intermediaries, to clear the net lending institutions registration process and required to submit materials, especially the sequence is clear for the registration and registration, apply for value-added telecommunications business license and signed funds with the banking financial institutions depository agreement etc.. The new agency filing application process simply summarized as: registration of industrial and commercial registration and obtain a business license, the registration application and submit the data to local financial regulators to local financial supervision department audit, registration and issue a registration certificate. Net loan platform to complete the registration of the local financial regulatory authorities, the registration certificate can be held to fund depository, application for value-added telecommunications business license and other matters. The difference between the old and new platforms in the filing procedures, requirements and other aspects of the guidelines for the management of the old and new platforms to distinguish. The newly established network lending information intermediaries in accordance with the law to complete industrial and commercial registration and obtain a business license of enterprise legal person, within 10 working days of industrial and commercial registration to local financial supervision departments to apply for registration, compliance commitment according to the requirements and submit 9 types of document material. The specific time limit for registration shall be specified by the local financial regulatory department, but not more than 40 working days. Net loan platform for the establishment of new branches without registration. Prior to the release of the guidelines for the establishment and operation of the network lending information intermediaries, according to the relevant provisions of the P2P network lending risk remediation work, after the completion of the classification of the disposal of the application for registration. In addition to conventional materials, the need to modify the registration department business scope, clear network credit information intermediary and other related content, pay the institutions engaged in the overall situation, product information and illegal rectification instructions. Inventory platform registration time limit does not exceed 50 working days. The center of the NPC Financial Technology and Internet Security Research Director Yang Dong said that these Provisions fully reflects the country’s financial supervision progress, will help guide the supervision object active compliance, proactive compliance, to achieve a win-win rise in cost reduction and efficiency of supervision supervision. Agency: net loan industry officially entered the "licensed" stage 91 financial founder Xu Zewei said that the "guidelines" issued, means that only the registration of the platform are eligible to engage in online lending business, that domestic net loan industry will be officially entered the "licensed" stage. At the same time, the registration is not regarded as supervision of the registration agency credit endorsement. This is intended to remind the user to be from various aspects.相关的主题文章: