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Chinese Eryi eleven push 23 performances – Beijing newspaper news (reporter Guo Jia) eleven golden week, China Eryi will have 5 children’s drama in 4 to 23 performances, children spend a happy holiday. Among them, Chinese children’s Theatre and holiday classic theater staged 2016 edition of Fairy Tale Drama "Malan Flower" and "China story" of the "three" idiom magic cube, led the audience to enjoy the journey of Chinese traditional culture classic, set foot on. In addition, Chinese Eryi will also be in Beijing red cloud theater children’s drama "Aesop’s Fables", fun puzzle children’s play "Three Little Pigs" change?. At the same time, by Chinese Eryi and American Missoula children’s theatre work "the princess and the pea" will also be performing in the United states. Among them, created a new row of "Chinese story" of the "three" idiom magic cube will be in the eleven period ushered in the premiere. The play by the suspected neighbor of stealing axe, Jiezeeryu to three story, each story contains a philosophy of life. Chinese Eryi young actor and director Yang Cheng, He Jiguang and Liu Qi respectively as the three director of the idiom story. Although the classical idiom as the theme, but the play into a number of modern stage of the new elements, so that the children in a novel and interesting way to understand and remember the idiom, and then use idioms in life. Eleven golden week will also launch extensive online and offline activities, pay attention to Chinese Eryi WeChat official reply, "childhood memories" can participate in interactive games, three childhood choose the most unforgettable memories to share with friends, you can participate in sweepstakes; reply "three" in any cube idiom idiom story name, you can participate in the idiom magic cube the 2048 edition "of the game, have the opportunity to get a surprise gift. The line, buy any tickets can obtain fine bookmarks, watch "Malan Flower" can also play the role of love and the Q version of the character photo; watch "three" idiom magic cube premiere audience, can also participate in the WeChat "shake" activities, get a surprise gift. Photo reporter Wang Xiaoxi相关的主题文章: