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China game market of small and medium-sized companies become flourishing dilemma intensified original title: oligopoly oligopoly game company flourishing small difficulties exacerbate Lei Haipeng (a pseudonym) had made his entrepreneurial team game office on the Ma year venture of lakeside gardens Garden opposite – singapore. He said it would help him find a sense of success. "We put the place of entrepreneurship here, want to learn Alibaba." After 80 Lei Haipeng was an employee of Alibaba, by the end of 2014, he saw the popularity of mobile games began, and friends of the partnership to create a game development company, opened the road to entrepreneurship. Lei Haipeng in an interview with the Economic Observer newspaper reporter said that the company spent much of the year basically completed the production of the game, after looking for two large game companies do on-line agent, but because of the cost caused by the failure of the game on the line. His company went bankrupt last year. Lei Haipeng fall, while the Chinese game industry is still growing rapidly. China Ministry of culture market department deputy director Ma peak in October 15th this year, Changchun an industry conference said that the whole game industry in 2016 is expected annual revenue will exceed 175 billion yuan, in 2015, the figure is 140 billion 700 million yuan. The explosive growth of China’s game market seems to have nothing to do with Lei Haipeng. Matthew, the winner, the domestic game industry oligopoly trend is more and more obvious. From the Gamma data (the new game CNG Research) statistics show that in addition to Tencent, NetEase, 32 game companies listed on the A shares, Hong Kong stocks, stocks of the stock market, there are 12 appeared the phenomenon of declining performance. Tencent and NetEase like two Africa lions cling to their own territory, let the other game companies feel suffering. A game practitioners on the Economic Observer newspaper reporter joked, China has only three game companies, one is the Tencent game, a NetEase game, the other is the other." Game Committee, the joint release of Gamma data, China game industry report shows that in the first half of this year, Tencent, NetEase, the two companies accounted for 70% of the total revenue of the hand travel industry revenue. China’s game market is currently dominated by giant control. In 2015, the total income of the Tencent and the NetEase game two enterprises occupy half of the country the domestic game market reached 52.3%. China game industry report shows that in the first half of 2016 China’s gaming market, the actual income of 78 billion 750 million yuan, Tencent and NetEase’s gaming revenues were $12 billion 453 million yuan. NetEase and Tencent gaming revenue in the first half of the game market share rose to about 59.3%. The big two with half the time to half of the country into a big half of the country. NetEase CEO Ding Lei has said "dream swims on the west", "Westward Journey" to the company Mobile Games made a great contribution to revenue growth. The two tree produces nearly 800 million monthly income shaking Qian Shu makes a lot of end of the tour is also far behind. Ace in the hands of the NetEase to continue their own boutique game route. September on-line Yin and Yang, the current daily active users has exceeded 4 million. According to insiders, NetEase, in a game to get the market.相关的主题文章: