China’s largest freshwater lake in Poyang Lake ushered in the first winter migratory birds (Figure)

Chinese the largest freshwater lake in Poyang Lake ushered in the first winter birds (Figure) – the new network for monitoring the migratory geese. Wang Shuiqing photo Beijing, Nanchang, September 20, (Su Lucheng) the latest monitoring data shows that the Chinese largest freshwater lake in Poyang Lake recently in the bean goose, avocet etc. more than 500 winter migratory birds, winter birds first arrived in Poyang Lake this year. According to the Poyang Lake Jiangxi National Nature Reserve Administration of the protection of the monitoring station Wang Shuiqing introduced, 19, he found in the daily patrol work in Jiangxi County, Ma Ying Lake District, the group of migratory birds. Wang Shuiqing said, the migratory birds were monitored to have bean goose, avocet, common snipe, spot billed Duck, green winged duck 5, more than 500. This batch of winter birds flew to Poyang Lake 7 days earlier than last year. Experts said that the first winter birds have a large number of signals the arrival of migratory birds are south of the road, I will have arrived in Poyang Lake district. At present, the Poyang Lake National Nature Reserve has been prepared to strengthen monitoring and supervision, to meet the arrival of winter migratory birds. Jiangxi Poyang Lake is China’s largest freshwater lake, an important wetland, is also the largest wintering habitat in asia. Each year tens of one hundred thousand migratory birds wintering in Poyang Lake area, including the world accounted for more than 95% of the total number of 50% of the white crane, white naped crane and 60% swans. (end)相关的主题文章: