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Chinese is elected president of the world bank support – Financial – September 1 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Yang Di) 31, the Ministry of Finance on the official website published an article said that China appreciates his outstanding achievements made in the term and demonstrated leadership, and support their re-election president of the world bank. Ministry of Finance pointed out that the world bank is an important international multilateral development institutions, long-term commitment to support the global poverty reduction and development process. China supports the world bank in accordance with the principle of openness, transparency, merit selection of the new president. He has served as president since 2012, continue to promote the internal reform of the world bank, to determine the "dual goal of eliminating absolute poverty and promote shared prosperity, promote world economic recovery and development, and is committed to lead the world bank better. Under his leadership, strengthen the cooperation with customers in the world bank, to put forward solutions adapted to the development needs of the customers, and constantly enhance the development effect, and strengthen cooperation with other multilateral development banks and private sector partnerships, to promote global development and poverty reduction process better. He has also made efforts to promote the world bank and China deepening all-round cooperation, cooperation in the field of loans, knowledge cooperation, international development cooperation and achieved fruitful results, which not only promotes the development of Chinese economy and the world economy, but also conducive to the development of the world bank. It is particularly worth mentioning is that his support of the world bank to strengthen investment and infrastructure bank in Asia and the new development bank and other multilateral development agencies new cooperation, enhance the overall strength of the multilateral development finance system, conducive to the realization of sustainable development of the United Nations in 2030 agenda. The Ministry of Finance said that China hopes that the world bank will play a more important role in the international development agenda and make greater contributions to international development cooperation, global poverty reduction and the recovery and growth of the world economy. (commissioning editor Yang Di and Yang Xi)相关的主题文章: