Chinese mobile phones in Africa as a life-saving artifact for South African users to stop the gun –

China mobile phone "life-saving artifact" for users in South Africa in Africa – block gun Beijing News Agency in September 14 Johannesburg Xinhua (reporter Song Fangcan) Chinese mobile phone brand HUAWEI has repeatedly boarded the South Africa and even the British media reports, the cause of the mobile phone is not favored and not expensive, and it is its staged "defense in God" users shot a life-and-death matter time, stopped at the heart. In an interview with reporters, South Africa HUAWEI Technology Co., Ltd., the relevant responsible person said, this is not the first time the product for the user to block the gun. It is reported that the use of HUAWEI mobile phone named lucky siradj? (Siraaj Abrahams) Abraham, 41 years old, is the father of five children. He is a businessman in Cape Town, a poor port city in South Africa, with a technology company and a car company. A night on the end of the month, he was driving home after attending a birthday party, waiting for the home electric door opened suddenly encountered several armed robbers attack, one of them in the 2 meters outside the cruelty towards him and fired two shots. Fortunately, his chest coat pocket HUAWEI P8 youth version of the metal body of mobile phone zhaodanquanshou, blocked a deadly 9 mm caliber bullet. After he was shot once in a coma, robbers thought he had been killed, robbed of cash and 300 rand. That rushed to the daughter and neighbors, he was at the heart of the bullet from the mobile phone, to the side. The bullet made a hole in his dress and left a tiny scar on him. After learning this news, local media said: people have been calling for the modern mobile phone "savior", but usually do not know the meaning behind the words. The use of HUAWEI mobile phone siradj can be said to be a good interpretation of this point. Siraj said, if not the HUAWEI mobile phone, the bullet shot through his heart. The news from the local media, HUAWEI sub Saharan Africa’s marketing director invited Siraj and his wife Shamira have lunch. Shamira to her husband a feeling a lot: "this is really a masterpiece of God, everything is the way." She also said: "when he went out, he didn’t want to have a cell phone, because it was almost dead. Then he decided to take it with him, because he could go to a friend’s house. His pocket was broken, so he had to put the phone in his pocket." In view of Siraj "hero" has been shot in the mobile phone HUAWEI will be free for the damage, he replaced a new youth version of mobile phone P9. South Africa HUAWEI Technologies Co. Ltd. and HUAWEI public relations department is responsible for Sub Saharan Africa’s marketing director has told reporters that this is not the first time HUAWEI mobile phone in Africa by block gun: "a few years ago we in Africa also received a similar report, a researcher in the field operations. Was shot but later found it is safe and sound, HUAWEI tablet computer blocked the deadly bullet." After this incident, a local media reports in Cape Town, and after the British media reprint was spread to china. In this process, HUAWEI did not deliberately South non mainstream media and Chinese media to promote the elimination of the相关的主题文章: