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Chinese students "close" to participate in the U.S. presidential election debate (Figure) – Beijing Hobbs penetration of students in the Student Forum on OTC organizations signed respectively on the two candidates views. Meng Guanyi (right) has been actively applying for the debate as a volunteer in the World Journal (Hong Qunchao). (the "world news" Hong Qunchao photo) Chinese overseas network on 29 September, according to the U.S. "world news" reports, Hobbs Toru university is located in New York Long Island Chinese students China many students, but also a lot of. Local 26, 2009, the U.S. presidential election debate to attract the attention of many Chinese students, especially H-1B, a high degree of green card immigration issues. There is also a strong interest in the United States of Chinese students enrolled as volunteers, to be able to participate in this event, the excitement. Hobbs Fletcher university has previously held debate on 2008 and the 2012 presidential election, since the announcement of this year’s presidential election will be held after the first debate, convenient to send emails to the school 7481 full-time students, with the form of lottery tickets from the debate, and the debate will recruit volunteers. In August the newly enrolled students to China Meng crown one lucky to join the ranks of volunteers. Meng Guanyi said, in the application, already know Hobbs penetrating University for the two presidential debate held. Just to catch up with the school third times, he immediately applied to become a volunteer. He introduced a lot of application procedures, in addition to the letter of introduction and resume, but also to write a self introduction, to explain what their own technical expertise, as well as the idea of the president’s debate on volunteers. Is lucky enough to be selected, Meng Guanyi was able to participate in this event is quite excited, assist in the pre arranged debate scene, 26 days of debate of the day is responsible for student activities and maintain order outside panels maintenance. After the bombing in New York last week, he was also particularly concerned about the issue of terrorism. Yang Yongshuo, who is a Chinese student, and Gao Shen, began to participate in the debate on campus. Two people said that at the beginning of the February election is hot, have the honor to join the school organization to observe the group to match New Hampshire primaries, joined Jeb Bush, Saunders, Ricky Rubio and Clinton campaigns, rewarding; this was also submitted a ticket lottery, although not smoking, but Trump of people in the United States and Chinese attitude. The immigration policy of both parties is the focus of Chinese students. Wang Shuo and the number of students studying for a master of accounting said on Trump to tighten the H-1B quota very concerned about. Born and raised in the United States of Chinese students Lin Weilian held in the campus student center debate match activities, "the two candidates to write" impression "on the panels of the same kind of people in different camps" (same person, different campaign) impression. Currently attending the second grade Lin Weilian said years ago in the school register as Democrats, but the campaign has two people are poor impression, said the elections will consider the third party vote. (Hong Qunchao)相关的主题文章: