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Careers-Employment According to many people who hold prestigious and important jobs in the field of Public Relations, it is one of the most interesting and challenging career options. It is a job which offers enjoyment and carries tremendous responsibilities. In fact, public relations can make or break an organization. In a public relations job, you assist an organization you are responsible to create, maintain and improve its corporate image and reputation. You can be a specialist in any of the allied areas : public relations, media, .munications and be working in advertising agencies, media or a .munications .pany. There are numerous operational areas where public relations is required, like, interested individuals/groups, political parties, etc. Public relations is important where two or more parties interact business to business, private to public and vice versa, corporate to consumer, and many more. Talents and skills in areas like writing and public speaking are of particular importance for a career in public relations. The job involves extensive travel both interstate or perhaps international, program coordination, presentation abilities, several contact and liaison work and strategic dissemination of corporate or political information. According to the Public Relations Society of America, a public relations job involves a range of activities, like public information, investor relations, public affairs, corporate .munications, employee relations, marketing or product publicity, and consumer service or customer relations. Usually a public relations person draws his or her standard salary in addition to expenses incurred to meet the unexpected emergencies, over time and gets reimbursed for any costs incurred for a critical situation. A typical career in public relations start at the entry level and move up to the position of a Vice President of the organization, where the role revolves around strategizing overall PR plans with other PR specialists. A lot of research, development and final implementation of the corporate .munications plan is done at this level. According to Public Relations Society of America and Bureau of Labor Statistics the usual salary of a PR person can start at about 20K and can go up to 250K depending on the area in which he or she works. Though there is no hard and fast rules on the required qualifications needed for a PR person, but, according to PRSA and BLS, it benefits the candidate to have .pleted a bachelor’s or post-secondary degree coupled with some hands-on experience in similar fields. Once a PR aspirant starts with this .bination, the future will definitely be bright irrespective of whether he or she goes into public sector or government relations, .munity or media or even into finance. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: