CISCO ceo40% Europe and the United States will disappear in the next 10 years avbox

CISCO CEO:40% Europe and the U.S. stock market center enterprise will disappear in the next 10 years: exclusive background of national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes warrants in the global vigorous development of science and technology, science and technology, innovation and inclusive growth "has become an important issue in this year’s annual meeting IMF. IMF President Lagarde personally presided over the science and Technology Innovation Conference, and one of the largest technology companies in the United States, CISCO (Cisco) global CEO John Chambers dialogue. The conversation was led by Lagarde’s own experience. "I have a son, he lived in Paris, he has a dog, but it was never walk, his girlfriend walking. But from the beginning of last month, my son and I call him every time in the dog, I feel strange, and later learned that he was playing at Pokemon Go." With such an opening she easily shows that "mobile phone how to change people’s lives". Lagarde said: "in developed countries, 80% of people have smart phones, but there are many underdeveloped regions of the world without broadband. This requires the strengthening of network infrastructure." She said the Internet of things, intelligent and big data has a profound impact on the economy, to enhance revenue and demand. Faced with the challenges of technology, global finance ministers must act in the next 2-5 years to deal with the impact of technology on finance." Lagarde said, cutting-edge technology in finance, government and other applications, as well as the impact of equality, especially in low-income countries." 65% future work today does not exist when said, talked about the importance of science and technology on the economy of Lagarde: "we advocate science and technology driven economic growth, the background is given to the global economic growth is weak at present, but also faces many uncertain factors, the economy is very fragile. Global economic growth this year may be less than 3%, next year will not increase. The growth is too slow to benefit everyone. So we believe that science and technology is an important driving force for future economic development. Not only for innovation, but also to improve productivity, attract investment." Lagarde also said that for industrial enterprises, referred to science and technology, people will naturally think of robots and automation. Lagarde said: "over the past few hundred years of history has proved that science and technology to promote investment and improve efficiency, thereby accelerating economic growth is good. But most of the concern now is that robots may take away some of the work that they have done, and that’s what we’ve been talking about for hundreds of years. Breakthrough technology and significant technological change will inevitably lead to the demise of some of the work, but with the advent of new jobs are created. It is not just the green economy, the technological economy, and the transformation of the digital economy that will lead to new jobs." She cited some corporate chiefs said, there will be 66% of the new jobs are created, these need to work now that those children in school in the future to complete, so now the biggest challenge is how to advance them prepared for the new preparation. "5 years later, if 1相关的主题文章: