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Classification of funds into cattle gathered billions of dollars in investment part of Ho throw – fund channel classification fund suspended registration, enter the stock game era. The latest fund semi annual report shows that for these stock grading fund products, retail and grading of the class B share love, hold a total of 2 billion 763 million copies, the total share of holdings is a little higher than the insurance funds, more cattle scattered in grade B ho throw billion dollars of funds. Text: Guangzhou Daily reporter Wu Qian despite regulatory attention, was questioned by the market, but also experienced several waves of market adjustment, but semi annual report shows that the vitality of the classification fund is still strong. As of June 30th this year, the total size of the fund was 172 billion 600 million yuan, compared with last year, when the first wave of A shares big adjustment, an increase of $13 billion 400 million scale, has been restored to the level of last year in March. Among them, the total size of the military sector amounted to 18 billion yuan, followed by the state-owned enterprise reform has reached a total size of $13 billion 800 million. Fund semi annual report shows that the level of B fund scattered cattle scattered, some retail investors on the scale of the B threw hundreds of billions of dollars. Cattle scattered champion Li Yi holding grade B share amounted to 215 million 200 thousand copies, cattle scattered runner up for the new game player Ge Yao, holding the grade B share 103 million copies, followed by Song Weiming, Zhang Meifang holds a classification of cattle scattered B are also in more than 90 million copies. More than cattle, the amount can not use the two financial "small scattered" mini leverage grading of the B to spend money to do is interest. According to semi annual report statistics, as of this year, the individual investors held a total of 2 billion 763 million grade B share, accounting for the share of the proportion of the share is slightly higher than the size of the insurance fund is 2 billion 719 million copies. The aircraft in the B B Hang Seng institutional holdings of a higher proportion of concern is often said, grade B is a personal investors in the world, few organizations involved, after all there are many institutions to increase leverage financing channels, such as brokerage, stock index futures, but the data show that institutions have added to the B grading leveraged products is preferred. According to statistics, insurance, banking, brokerage, private equity funds, fund accounts and other institutions hold a total share of B grade is 6 billion 677 million, the proportion reached 68%. Agencies, insurance is still the biggest player. B ranked the top ten institutions, insurance occupy seven seats, including Xinhua life to occupy the first place in the share of the first place of 482 million. From the view of fund products, in part volume grade B active top ten holders, venture capital, public fund account information management plan, the well-known private equity, trust, brokerage and other institutions impressively. Among them, the institutional funds of the Qianhai open air force B, Hang Seng B, iron and steel B, H shares B, gem B and other varieties held by a higher proportion of the average holding ratio of more than 30%. Grade B is not heavily held by private equity chiefs great scourges gem B as an example, the end of the two quarter of the fund’s top ten holders, institutional funds occupy six seats, the Huarun trust No. 70 golden wisdom top, holds a share of about 143 million, the proportion of the total listed shares 3.99%. Famous private gangster Wang Penghui.相关的主题文章: