Coalition siege is in Syria base camp, said the short time is difficult to succeed isobuster

IS in the Syrian coalition against the "base camp" analysis that the short time difficult to succeed the original title: the coalition siege IS in Syria "Citadel" analysis that a short time is difficult to successfully start Broadcasting British Corporation said 6, supported by the United States and Arabia militia forces "Syria Kurdish Democratic Forces announced the attack of the Islamic state (IS) in Syria the capital la. "Syria’s democratic forces" said it would begin operations in the United States led by Allied air strikes. They warned civilians to stay as far away from the area where the IS militants were located. A US official confirmed the action and said that "Syria democratic forces" the first siege of La, laid the foundation for the recapture of the city. Iraqi troops recaptured Mosul into the decisive battle, had announced the capture of 6 districts in eastern Mosul. The Arabia militia and retake the land in the northern part of la. Analysts believe that the situation in Syria than in Iraq, the Syrian civil war has entered the sixth year, the strength of the battle of La contradiction, doomed difficult, difficult to take a short time. Kong Zhe editor: Wang Haocheng相关的主题文章: