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[collection] Parke 97 of Australia’s top worship of wine, 50 bottles of Sohu and replenishment of data, can best illustrate the strength, please see below: This is ETUDE palace West (John Duval WInes Eligo La red), can be seen from the figure, 2005 is the first year of this wine. So far, it has only 6 years. In these 6 years, the first year after the advent of the authority of the Australian wine critic James (James Halliday) 96 points of praise, and also given a score of 94 points. This wine is very high score of 6 years, in 2010 is to get Parke’s 98 points, in 2012 to get a total of 97 points in Parke, in the year of and in 2009 were awarded the 96 points of the. What is not said, the wine encyclopedia again today is this: 2012 launch of ETUDE house dry cargo Silas red wine, 1 bottles of 799 yuan, 50 bottles of replenishment, SF or Debon shipping! Please press the following two-dimensional code, select the identification of two-dimensional code into the micro shop snapped! Note: because this wine is expensive, does not support the return after delivery, please carefully orders, orders that said [buy] approval bar agreed this trading conditions. Why is this wine so broken? 1, from the "Silas king" Penfolds Grange before the chief winemaker hand is like a movie to see the director and actor, also want to see Wine winemaker. Good winemaker of Wine customs, planting and brewing have high requirements. It is from a "Silas king" reputation of the John Duval ETUDE house Silas red (John Duval) in 2012. John Duval is a legend notorious in Australia, Australia Wine himself is the epitome of the part of the history of wine. The 4 generation of the John Duval family has been engaged in Viticulture and winemaking. In 1973, he graduated from the Adelaide University, after the start of the Penfolds Winery winemaker career, founder Mike Schubert Ge Lanxu following the Penfolds (Max Schubert) and Dandit (Don Ditter) learning wine. In 1986, John Duval served as chief executive officer of Ben Fu winery, fully responsible for the top wine brewing. In 70s, Ben rich Glen Xu, although there are good quality, but not yet known on the world stage. Since as Penfolds winemaker, John Duval personally brewed out of Fugelan Ben Xu were stable and showed very high quality, and the 1976 year Penfolds Ge Lanxu is awarded the Parke 100 points, more to become Australia’s first bottle of Parke out of the Wine, which laid a foundation for the "Australian wine king" status. With excellent performance, John Duval in 1989 in the international wine and Spirits Competition in London to get the "winemaker of the year" in 1991 and in the year of the title of the ""相关的主题文章: