Completely Jiepan Malaga beat Gijon Amiens anti popular-coscoqd

Completely Jiepan: Malaga beat Amiens gijn anti popular this week colorful combination unchanged, Dutch did not continue to retain the championship quiz. The big league only Bundesliga and La Liga, the difficulty is not too big. The Bundesliga is seemingly strong dialogue, but Borussia week in the Champions League war, but the stage ahead of time, rest time is limited, Herta Plaza, plus home court victory, no problem. La Liga to see the recent state of Malaga is very good, won the game is not away from Hong Hong sports, there is not much suspense. It may be cold to the foot, the main victory AOE can be properly recognized, in addition the disc Dussel adverse, the state is also good, the difficulty is not low. In this period the B method is relatively obvious advantages, boolean lattice, Troyes is the favorite to win, with Sochaux form nihoul, I’m afraid not winning. Away, Le Havre and Brest win is a big probability, the two teams also have this strength. Pay attention to popular mainly in Amiens and Aya GF, especially the former cold in addition to the possibility of relatively large. Friday is still the old practice, the main fund is recommended to conquer nine, a small number of 14 games, Bo luck.

完全解盘:马拉加轻取希洪 亚眠防冷门   本期周五彩组合不变,荷甲没有继续竞猜,英冠继续保留。   大联赛只有德甲和西甲,难度不算太大。德甲看似是强强对话,但门兴周中欧冠大战,本轮却提前上场,休息时间有限,赫塔以逸待劳,加上主场全胜,问题不大。西甲来看马拉加近期状态很好,拿下不擅客场的希洪竞技没有太多悬念。   德乙方面冷意可能比较足,奥厄的主胜可以适当关注,另外杜塞尔盘赔不利,客队状态还不错,这场难度不低。法乙方面本期主队优势相对明显,布尔格,特 鲁瓦都是取胜的大热门,索肖面对状态神勇的尼奥尔,恐怕胜机不大。客场方面勒阿弗尔和布雷斯特取胜是大概率,两队也有这个实力。留心冷门的主要是亚眠和阿 雅GF,尤其前者除冷的可能性相对较大。   周五还是老惯例,建议主要资金攻克任九,少量进军14场,博个运气。相关的主题文章: