Composite strategy in January nearly 0.79% of the average yield of private equity funds to achieve

The composite strategy of private in January the average yield of 0.79% even 6 positive – fund channel in August composite strategy hedge fund revenue rankings released August commodity futures is still the main battlefield of composite strategy product, in the same period of the CSI 300 rose 3.87%, the product into the composite strategy private row rank statistics of a total of 1328, nearly in January the average rate of return is 0.79%, although underperformed the CSI 300 index over the same period last month, but was significantly higher than the 0.09% yield level, and this is the strategy to achieve a positive return for sixth consecutive months, in this year the overall strategy in case of poor performance is not easy. It is worth mentioning that, in August, the top ten in the composite strategy list, half of the newly established fund this year, it can be said that there is a new generation of Jiangshan generation, generation stronger than a generation. And this month, the top ten list of the composite strategy, the top three are not from private equity, but by the northern part of the area outside the Guangzhou Shenzhen won, it is rare. The composite strategy of income to achieve 6 even, "rookie" frequently cited concern about the August composite strategy overall performance is good, whether the overall earnings or high income products, performance is better than the last month. The product into the composite strategy private row rank statistics of a total of 1328, in January the average return rate of 0.79%, significantly higher than last month’s 0.09% yield level; of which 893 products to achieve a positive return, the proportion reached 67.24%, higher than last month, accounting for 56.48% of the level. In contrast, in August, the compound strategy products, high-yield products also increased, more than 10% of the revenue of more than 21 products, of which more than 3 product revenue of more than 20%. More than 10% of the income of 21 products, there are only 12 new products this year, the proportion reached 57%, is a bright star of new faces. In the negative earnings of the product, the decline in the magnitude of the compound strategy products fell significantly this month, last month, there are 16 products fell more than 10%, while only this month, only more than a decline of more than 7 products. It is also worth noting that in August the highest income and lowest income were 28.24% and -28.46%, and is 56.7% on the monthly performance, a larger gap. Guangzhou Shenzhen Qi missed the top three from the other parts of the August composite strategy top ten list, the top three are not from the city of Guangzhou Shenzhen northward private area, but were from Zhejiang Taizhou, Nanjing Xin ran on investment investment and Shaoxing Yihuan assets won. From the consideration of investment under the thinking of "dawn trend No. 1 to 28.24% of the monthly rate of return in August to become the composite strategy of top ten list of the new champions. Private line network data center showed that the product was established in 2015 during the crash, but the net has been in a slow rise stage, reached a small peak at the end of 15 years, but affected by the stock market crash of January this year, its net worth fell to 0.74, and in late June the net value began to soar, after a round of outbreak to the end of 8 the net has rebounded to 1.10. By virtue of 23.19%.相关的主题文章: